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Everything Happens For A Good Reason

Firstly, I want to share with you a personal story that happened to me a long time ago. I received a phone call from a college classmate, not a close friend. It was early in the morning. She asked me to lend her $2000 for emergency surgery following a car accident. She promised to return the money two days later after receiving funds from her parents. I went straight to the bank and transferred the funds to her account since I felt the urgency from my classmate’s voice. My bank account balance had only $110 left after I wired her the funds; $2000 was big money for a college student at that time. She didn’t return the money in the two days as promised. She didn’t call and didn’t text me. During the following seven days I called her several times and left a few messages, but she refused to take my call and never replied. I gave up calling her after that because I didn’t want my life messed up with anger and resentment because of her dishonoring my trust. A month later, I happened to meet her on campus. I smiled, said nothing as I walked on by. I received a note from her two days later: "I am so sorry for breaking my word, but I have no money to pay you back because my mother has lost her job." Indeed, she never paid the money back. She did teach me an important lesson that I should never let an adverse event destroy my inner peace and compassionate heart.

Here is another classic story showing that everything that happens is for a good reason. Once there was a king in Nepal, the king was very dominant with no faith in GOD, but his medical doctor very much believed in GOD with his heart and soul. On a hunting trip to a remote forest, the king got a significant cut on his thumb, and the doctor had to cut off his thumb due to a severe infection. "How could a king live without a thumb, a king should be perfect?" the king screamed at the doctor in anger. The doctor replied to the king with a very calm tone; "don’t worry, my king, there must be a good reason for this; think positive, my lord." The king was so upset that he dismissed the doctor after the trip. Two years later, the king went on another hunting trip to a different remote jungle. This time he was caught by a local tribe wanting a human sacrifice. The king was about to be burned alive when the tribe leader noticed that the king's right hand had a missing thumb. They released the king and chose the king's bodyguard to be the sacrifice. The king called the medical doctor back to the palace and said to him, "please accept my sincere apology; you saved my life from the tribe people; I will take your word seriously with honor from now on." "I am grateful, my lord, for having another chance to serve you, but you should thank GOD, not me, because I follow the voice from GOD inside my heart and soul. I am grateful you dismissed me that time; otherwise, I might have been the sacrifice, in place of your bodyguard."

So, please always be positive, my friends. There is always a good reason for whatever happens in your life, sometimes you might not fully understand it at the time, but you will eventually. Never lose hope and have faith in yourself and in GOD.

In a small village by the jungle in Peru, a dozen wolves victimized helpless villagers. The village leader announced a reward of $1000 for every wolf killed for brave hunters in the country. Tom and John went into the jungle to hunt the wolves for the reward. After two days without spotting any wolf, they were so exhausted and went to sleep. Tom woke up and became aware of the twelve wolves that surrounded their camp site. Tom panicked thinking that his life was over and that he would die in the Jungle. John woke up too and said, "my brother, I can smell the $12,000 in our pocket now; now let's go and beat the hell out of these monsters!" Thanks to John's positive thinking, the wolves were dead, the villagers were safe, and Tom and John became famous hunters in Peru.

Ten years ago, I was deeply inspired and touched by a story an American couple from San Diego told me about. The couple adopted an abandoned baby girl from a Vietnamese orphanage when they realized they could not have their own child. They gave their daughter great love and supported her through college until their daughter became a dentist. Unfortunately, the wife became very sick with kidney failure at the age 57 and could die if she didn’t have a kidney transplant. The waiting period was between 2-5 years or longer because she needed the correct type of kidney donation. Fortunately, the daughter was a blood match and without hesitation she donated one of her kidneys to her mother. Destiny is beyond words. You cannot decide where to be born or whom to be your parents, but you can control your fate by looking at things positively. The girl's fate changed when the couple adopted the Vietnamese child as their daughter with love and care. On waking from her kidney transplant, in tears, the mother said "God was searching for suitable people to take care of the child and give her the real love of a mother and father, and GOD chose us to be her parents. Our daughter has brought us so much joy into our lives. I have loved my daughter wholeheartedly since I first held her in my arms. I know she is God’s gift to us".


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