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What Is Life? (Part IV)

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Do you need the inspiration to heal, to recover, and to move forward from a life of struggle? Are you looking to explore your potential and find a place to share your perspective? Since this blog is an open portal for thoughts and stories from people like you, please join me here. I will continue to talk about the meaning of life and share some readers' stories and personal views.

Life is about detaching unwanted memories or incidents. Most people have beautiful dreams and unwanted memories of something they loved and something they hated for a long time. Some of the memories or imprints are multiplied with unescaped emotions, hate, anger, resentment, and pain. It is part of life. Get closer to it and live it without trying to hide from those unexpected feelings.

A talented shooter had been preparing for a competition for years. A few months before the start he lost his right hand. He almost gave up hope after the surgery, but his spirit refused to accept destiny. He started to use his left hand doing non-stop shooting practice rather than giving up on his dream. Finally, he won the competition left-handed. Take whatever life offers to you. Some change in life is good, and sometimes bad things happen. Life is about staying in a neutral state of mind as if you are part of an audience watching a movie called 'my life' directed by yourself.

Life is about dealing with controllable and uncontrollable things. Life is not always like a rainbow, with beautiful colors. We must learn the art of being happy in good and in harmful situations. Would you complain about the stars on a rainy and chilly night? Of course not. I bet you might enjoy the sound of the raindrops. Be grateful for being alive and feeling nature and everything around us. Optimistic people know how to enjoy and live their crazy but precious life. Life is about being your true self all the time. It is alright to be afraid sometimes; it is ok to feel sad or depressed occasionally, but remember, you have the power and courage to face your fear and overcome your anxious feelings. You can live a life without regret when you start living on your terms; even when you experience the ups and downs, days of success, or nights of failure. That is life; nothing lasts forever. Good days have an expiration date, and stormy nights will end sooner or later. Relax and do the best you can.

Paul: For me, life is like a pizza slice with the choice of adding the toppings I desire to it. Life is like rain that we never know when it will start nor when it will stop. Nobody lives forever, so I will do my best to enjoy the company of loved ones and cherish the happy times doing what I like most. Yes, nobody knows what the next moment will present us with. I have realized that I should have faith in myself to enjoy my life journey, just like I had unadulterated trust as a small child from my parents. I used to blame my father for not being wealthy, for not giving me everything I thought I needed at high school. I used to fight with my younger sister for having more pocket money from my mother. I chat with my parents at least three times a week now. Finally, I take full responsibility for living a life without searching for excuses or for blaming others to justify my laziness. Suddenly, I feel life is like beautiful flowers, not a torturous poison anymore. For me, life is about a shift in mindset.

Lisa: Two weeks ago, my uncle passed away from lung cancer. He was like a father figure to me because my father died when I was thirteen. He focused on his car repair business all his life. "I prefer to die in my workshop because I put my life and soul into this place," he told me last month when he was in the hospital bed. My uncle barely had any friends, only a few employees, and some suppliers. "I will travel to at least ten countries, watch three hundred movies, and dine in the most famous restaurants all over the country with my family," he said to his wife and three children at the family Christmas gathering last year. His death was a terrible loss to all members of our family. The sadness lasted for three days only because his wife and children started fighting over the money and property after the attorney revealed the will. They forgot about his sacrifices and endurances for the family when considering the will terms. I am not sure that my uncle rests in peace now because he had many plans for the next ten years before and after his retirement. Did he live his life fully? I guess not since he was thinking about the future without taking care of his own health and family relationships. I learned one thing from my uncle's death, that life is about living the moment and dying without regret.

To Be Continued.


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