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What Is Life?(Part IX)

Life is about pursuing your happiness with loved ones.

Life is about moving forward, accepting reality, and activating your inner powers.

Life is about taking calculated risks to follow your dream at least once or twice a lifetime.

Life is about often laughing in good or challenging times without looking back.

Life is about changing yourself, when necessary, even if it is sometimes painful.

Life is about learning from yesterday, living the fullest possible for today, and keeping hope for tomorrow without fear or anxiety.

Life is about expanding your limits to outgrow yourself for the best possible life journey.

Life is about activating your creative capacity to make a significant contribution to you and to those around you.

Life is about overcoming the fear of death and enjoying every minute of your life journey.

Life is about forgiving anyone who hurt your feelings whether intentionally or not.

Life is about finding your purpose, living a meaningful life, and making yourself proud of what you are doing with no regrets.

Life is about giving candy to a child and watching their smiles.

Life is about watching your favorite movies with your significant others.

Life is about fighting with your best friend and then hugging and making up again.

Life is about trying everything you love at least once.

Life is about laughing, smiling, and being satisfied for the slightest reasons.

Life is about finding and correcting faults in yourself without pointing fingers at others.

Life is about buying something from people on your road trip and generously giving them a little extra money.

Life is about living and learning continuously.

Life is about being grateful for everything that is happening in your life.

Alan: For me, life is like a river, and it keeps going, flowing, and surpassing all the rocks (difficulties), whirlpools (confusions), waterfalls (depressions), storms (aggressions), and stream (peace). Life is like a swing, you have to maintain balance. Life is about forgetting the ones you cannot forgive and forgiving those who disturbed your inner peace or hurt your feelings. I treat my life as creating a masterpiece on an empty canvas with dedication and love.

Sandy: For me, life is complicated. On earth, there are no two people that are the same, even twins. Life exists as who we are and what we choose to do. We are a pliable race and can quickly shift according to events around us. No one will ever undergo the same circumstances or have the same reaction to said situations. The meaning of life is not a fixed or unchangeable concept. In reality, the true meaning of life is to question or challenge the meaning of life. What I just said is a paradox. Life isn’t something physical, like something set in stone. It’s an immaterial, intangible, and unsolvable maze without a clear answer. You are the only one who can find the meaning for yourself. I know what to do in this life.

Ray: Life means many things literally, but for me, life is about awakening with self-consciousness and self-awareness. Life is about learning anything and everything we can to leave a better world for future generations. My favorite exercise is meditation because I can access my higher self in the meditative state of consciousness. I sense my life purpose more clearly once I connect with my inner consciousness. I have finally realized my life mission: to help more people with their life journey by guiding them into their consciousness for clarity, wisdom, guidance, and creativity. I used to think of myself only, not of others, and not of finding unconditional ways to assist others. My inner consciousness has shifted for the past six months.

To Be Continued.


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