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What Is Life? (Part VI)

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

It is about the feel when the early morning sun sparkles in the sky,

It is about the sweet scent of flowers amid birds on the wing,

It is about waves of anger with grief but still smiling,

It is about a soothing melody that touches you inside,

It is about saying no to negative thoughts and keeping hope alive,

It is about a sip of tea while admiring the beauty of a butterfly,

It is about painting a dream on canvas that makes you satisfied,

It is about dancing to a song that makes you high,

It is about birth with a cry and death with a smile,

It is about walking in the dark and catching a firefly,

It is about recalling memories that are your guiding light,

It is about caring for loved ones and cherishing life through day and night,

It is about knowing your true self in every phase of life,

It is about loving, crying, breathing, and sleeping,

It is about thinking, brainstorming, creating, and wondering,

It is about planting a tree, helping those in need, and washing hands before food,

It is about walking in the rain, reveling in the sun, and dancing in the moonlight,

It is about making sandcastles on the beach, playing games, and sensing the wind,

It is about writing letters to your loved ones and laughing loudly with friends,

It is about enjoying the little things that happen in your life,

It is about dealing with success and failure equally,

It is about partaking, gaining, or losing peacefully,

It is about constantly learning and unlearning,

It is about perpetually coming and leaving.

Yeah, it is life.

Life is about being grateful for what you have. It is all right to work hard for a better life, but never envy others for what you have not achieved. Everyone has a life burden to carry that is beyond the full understanding of others. Envying the fortune of others is like asking to take the same responsibility they carry on top of your own. Humans spend too much time watching other people's lives and forgetting to live a happy life of their own. Life is so short and precious; we should focus on being the best we can for our entire lives. Do you remember the mass shooting that occurred in Iowa City on November 1, 1991? Gang Lu, the 28-year-old Ph.D. student at the University of Iowa killed four professors and a Ph.D. student before committing suicide. Six precious lives ended in less than twenty minutes just because of Gang Lu's jealousy of his roommate and fellow student, Linhua Shan. Linhua Shan had won the Spriestersbach Prize. "The professors made the wrong decision because I deserve the prize, not Linhua Shan," wrote Gang Lu in a letter sent to the local press on the day of his shooting.

The whole of life might be a long dream. The dream starts at the time of birth and ends at death. Life is a multilayered dream that affects every aspect of our lives. It is about finding the truth in this long dream, finding your strengths and weaknesses, remembering real memories and emotions, finding the real version of you, finding solutions to problems, finding the reasons behind your behavior, finding peace with yourself, finding satisfaction in life, and finding happiness in ideal and in challenging situations. The true awakening in life is when you know that you are dreaming whilst still in the dream. Life is like a riddle in the riddle itself, or like a dream in a dream. Lucid dreaming is an excellent practice to speed up your awakening process. The world will be a better place for all if most humans awaken from the greedy, selfish, and materialist dream by realizing the truth of their life dreams.

To be Continued.


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