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10 Practical Ways To Live Your Life Consciously

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

What is consciousness? Egyptians initially used this concept to describe the world of the afterlife. The Egyptians tried everything to stay alive and developed theories related to consciousness, god, life and death. The early view of consciousness is associated with the human being's immortal existence. There are many descriptions, definitions and explanations of consciousness by philosophers, scientists, scholars and spiritual masters. Over the past two centuries, consciousness remains mysterious, controversial and a puzzle. In my personal view, consciousness is the simple state of awareness, feelings, cognition, intuition, perception, mind and wakefulness of human beings' internal or external existence.

What is it like to live a conscious life? A mindfully aware life is about happiness, joy, amazement, curiosity, wonder, gratefulness, willingness, forgiveness and love. I have summarized ten practical ways to live your life consciously based on my personal experiences.

1. Think, feel and speak positively about yourself.

Write down everything you like about yourself. Stop saying "try my best", instead use the ​words "I can do it." Take a few minutes every day to feel proud of your strengths, special ​characteristics and unique values.

2. Delete anything negative from your mind, heart and soul.

Retain positive thoughts no matter what happens and remember only positive ​words and expressions. Let go of these negative thoughts: "I am not worthy", "I am not ​good enough" and "I am a failure".

3. Create to live a happy life, not work to make life better.

Use your creative power to enjoy a happy life by empowering yourself to follow your ​heart and intuition for your career and personal life. Always remember money cannot ​buy your happiness but a creative life can.

4. Learn to give first before receiving.

Never worry about becoming poor by giving more to those in need. Most wealthy people ​in the world are also the biggest givers and contributors to the right causes. The more ​they give, the more they achieve. Stingy people will never go too far.

5. Understand the meaning of life before living a life.

A fish swimming in the deep ocean sees only the water world with no chance to know the ​existence above the water. The human beings need to ask more questions about the ​meaning of life before genuinely enjoying life.

6. See the world from different perspectives by changing the colored lens.

Please begin to see the world without using a colored lens for better understanding and ​awakening. Most people fool themselves by the illusions created by our bias and ​judgmental mindsets. A colored lens will let you see the world of your interests but ​not the real world.

7. Take care of your health before you can help others.

You need to shift your attention towards taking care of yourself first before helping ​others. It is your full responsibility to live healthily and happily.

8. Treat every day as the last day of your life.

Most people waste time worrying, resenting and hating others without cherishing their ​valuable time. Very few people live their lives to the fullest by assuming every day is the ​last day of their life. It is wise to live every day as the final day of life because nobody knows ​when the last day comes.

9. Unlock your full potential by searching inside yourself.

Never hold back your passion or potential. Be aware of your deeper interests and ​capabilities by walking out of your comfort zone and taking various chances for new ​opportunities. You will be surprised by your unlimited potential.

10. Believe in abundance out there by living an enjoyable life.

You will not go too far if you continuously worry about not having enough. Your ​inner thoughts shape everything around you. You will never understand the feelings of ​being sufficient if you don’t believe in the abundance for all in the universe.


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