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20 Mindful Laughing Tips For Self-healing

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

When was the last time you laughed? When did you see others laugh loudly without paying attention to their surroundings? In today’s world, many people forget how to laugh naturally.

Human beings often bury themselves in constant stress and depression. Most people get used to living their lives in a mess of flashbacks, resentment and bitterness. Modern people are accustomed to torture themselves by their past mistakes unconsciously and trap themselves in the self-abused cycle of sadness, stress, depression and resentment.

Laughing is an easy technique that is essential to healing men and women suffering from traumatic past or sad memories. It requires a person to be fully aware of the present and avoid over thinking of the past or bad experience. Mindfulness is an innate gift for every human being. Exercising mindfulness will enhance accepting and balancing the present life. Laughing from your heart and soul mindfully is the starting point of winning back your free will to control your life. A mindful laugh helps you forget suffering from the past events and cherish your free spirit to choose happiness. Please try the following 20 laughing tips for self-healing.

1. Discipline yourself to let histories or past memories go back to where they belong.

2. Listen to silly songs, check out strange antics, learn new dances, watch comedy movies and search for the funniest home videos.

3. Stay away from sad, pessimistic and depressed people as far as possible.

4. Associate with happy, joyful and positive people who like to laugh and have fun. Laughing with other people can release the tension in your brain for calm and peace.

5. Stop complaining about pain, suffering, anxiety and depression if possible.

6. Develop the burning desire to heal yourself by laughing mindfully.

7. Laugh with your family members, friends and peers as much as possible.

8. Use laughter to get through difficult times without losing hope because laughing can help you live a fully present life.

9. Add laughs to your daily routines that consist of meditation, exercise, writing, working, listening to music and checking emails.

10. Put a calendar by your bed with a daily joke or funny cartoon as a reminder to laugh every day.

11. Subscribe to a daily joke email to start your day with laughter in your inbox.

12. Laugh loud, if you can, to build your confidence, increase satisfaction, reduce resentment, improve your health and lift your consciousness.

13. Do something weird once in a while that you would have done as a child.

14. Practice laughing because it takes practice to be better, just as you do for anything in life.

15. Search for professional laughing videos or guidebooks to learn how to control the laughing muscles.

16. Laughing can reduce depression and anxiety for a happier life with less distraction.

17. Write your laughing journal, if you can, to track your happy moments or funny memories.

18. Stop watching the fake news to avoid negative stimulations, stay positive, hopeful and mindful.

19. Meditate 20 minutes a day to practice mindfulness and laugh at least three times a day to help you stay present and release stress.

20. Say goodbye to the past trauma, mentally and physically by creating a more excellent balance between reality and imagination through laughing.


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