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Empowering Yourself To Stop Anxiety

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Many people go to sleep with troubling fear and wake up with severe anxieties. Covid-19 shutdown, economic uncertainty, job security issues, relationship problems, and emotional challenges, these negative pressures constantly trap humans into stress and anxiety. The external and internal struggles bring out people’s worst intentions and bury their hopes for the future. If you suffer from concerns, if you couldn’t stop worrying about your life at night, if you wake up at 3 AM with nightmares, please continue to read what I would like to share with you in fighting your anxiety now, before it is too late.

Life is a choice between endorsing anxiety and fear to control your heart and soul or empowering yourself with faith and confidence to long-lasting peace and joy. The power of eliminating stress from your life is in your hands. If you are ready to turn around your upside-down life today, please follow these practical steps to win back your happy life.

1. Prepare a list of items that make you feel anxious.

​For example, trauma, illness, job challenges, uncertainty, rage, mental disorder, ​destructive relationship, conflicts with peers or managers at work, drugs, alcohol, ​loneliness, jealousy, stress from political issues, and unpredictable events like Covid-19, ​and other addicted issues are all among the negative items. It is essential to recognize the ​anxiousness problems and be courageous to fight them.

2. Write down everything you feel grateful about in your life.

​Money in the bank, freedom of worship, enjoyable vacations, lessons learned from mistakes, ​your efforts to improve yourself, a place to sleep, the food at the table, fresh air, ​opportunity to laugh, sunshine, time to yourself, unconditional love for yourself and for ​others, books to read, kindness to strangers, artistic talents, music, holidays, freedom of ​speech, visions, and life’s purpose are all among the grateful items. You should always have more ​grateful items in your life than the anxious ones.

3. Repeat the following affirmation at least three times every day:

· I am good, and I trust the universe offers everything that I need to live a satisfying life.

· I feel more relaxed and peaceful every passing day.

· I can release all tensions and worries from my heart and soul without any fear.

· I inhale every breath with love and support to replace stress.

· I sense that the anxieties are evaporating from my body, heart, mind, and soul.

· I believe in my ability to contribute to the world in my way.

· I know everything is good for me now because I am a strong person.

· I accept my past and present situations without judgment.

· I am ready to face whatever happens now to make myself a happy person.

· I can offer more to those I love with my talent and compassion.

· I will not let anxiety and stress dominate my life anymore.

· I will go beyond negative thoughts and feelings by uplifting my patience.

· I am brave to conquer all challenging situations with confidence and compassion.

· I can connect with people and the environment with peace of mind.

· I will achieve my life goal by taking one step at a time to present the best of me.

· I enjoy healthy things and pleasant activities.

· I am unique and worthy, and I accept myself.

· I am loved, honored, respected, and appreciated.

· I have no more anxiety and stress.

· I am free of anxiety and stress.

4. Remember that it is OK to lose control sometimes; it is not the end of the world.

Your destiny or life purpose is not determined by the things you cannot control. You can divide your goal into a few mini-sized and manageable steps to reduce the overwhelming pressures.

5. Take a few deep breaths immediately to slow down your heartbeat if you are at the edge of a panic attack, especially when you feel overwhelmed.

Anxiety is a mental event when overwhelming feelings take over your physical experience. The stress response system activates your nervous system, which increases your heart rate, raises your blood pressure, induces sweat, and makes you feel anxious and helpless.

6. Transform the feelings from overwhelming and stress to confidence and acceptance.

​It is critical to flip the mental attitude from negative complaints of yourself and others to ​the positive acknowledgment of gratefulness and understanding.

7. Remain mindful as long as you can without worrying about anything in life.

​Bringing your attention and awareness to the present moment and stay focused on the ​positives. Find at least twenty minutes every day to do the following: sit in a quiet place, ​close eyes, take deep breaths, focus on your heartbeat only, let go of all thoughts, scan ​your five senses (sight, smell, hearing, taste, and touch), visualize the dark energy out of ​your body with every exhalation, take in the unconditional love energy into your body with ​every inhalation, and repeat these simple mindfulness steps a few times.

8. Switch your perspective from pessimistic to optimistic.

​Gratitude is the most powerful energy that heals you when you are overwhelmed. You ​should not focus on what you have lost or haven’t achieved; instead, you should ​appreciate how much you have already done in your life or at the present moment. Love ​and acceptance can boost your confidence and efficiency. Magical things usually happen ​with positive people, never with negative people.

9. Remain physically fit and stay healthy.

​Set a schedule for exercise at least one hour a day. You can walk, run, go to the gym, do ​yoga, play golf, tennis, pickleball, ping pong, or the particular exercise you like. It is ​crucial to exercise whenever you can because you need an opportunity every day to shift ​your mental, emotional, and physical state away from stressful and anxious situations.

10. Say NO to things you have no power and resources to achieve.

​It is alright to refuse requests or tasks that you could not do well. Don’t fall into the trap ​of trying to achieve everything by yourself. Say No loudly to things that make you feel ​overwhelmed—no need to be shy to recognize that you are not a Superman or ​Superwomen.

11. Plan your day the night before.

​Planning your day well is the best tool to slow down the anxious feelings because you ​know the routines and steps to achieve your daily goal without worrying about ​uncertainty or being out of control.


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