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Entering the Sacred Space Within You

Before the next serious topic, I want to share the simple ways to find the sacred space within you. It is time to relax and reflect internally with awareness and wisdom. The truth about yourself comes within you, not from the outside world. We can reach our endless sacred space inside beyond our naked eyes and creative imaginations. It is our soul galaxy without boundaries. It is your space, and you are the only one to hold the key to opening the infinite world within you. Humans are brave enough to fly in the sky or dive into the ocean but are afraid of searching inside the inner world of total voidness or pure emptiness. Today, let’s shift the paradigm to enter our internal space for unlimited answers beyond our comfort zones.

Again, it is not the physical space existing in the three-dimensional world, not the six feet space mandate required during the Covid-19 social distancing to avoid interactions. It is not the time and space that quantum physicists or scholars refer to in the science-related physical realm. The inner sacred space is the complete stillness with absolute trance without physical body movement or mental activities. You are the master of that space, and you are the only one who can visit and relax there for true freedom and nothingness. Please follow the following steps to take a relaxing journey to your inner sacred space.

  • · Find a quiet place and sit peacefully.

  • · Close your eyes slowly.

  • · Close your mouth, breathe slowly, gently, and deeply with your nose.

  • · Let go of any thought about your work and tasks.

  • · Let go of any anxiety about your life-related issues.

  • · Forget about all of your senses.

  • · Allow your mind to slow down and rest without judgment or analyzing activities.

  • · Tell yourself consciously: “body sleep and mind awake” without moving the physical body.

  • · Forget your physical body by repeating “body sleep and mind awake.”

  • · Ask and repeat the question at least ten times silently: “who am I?”

  • · Don’t struggle for answers. Just ask the question quietly.

  • · Now enter the space of nothingness or emptiness.

  • · Embrace the space with acceptance and gratitude.

  • · Feel the ultimate bliss and weightlessness by imagining you are flying in the sky freely.

  • · Touch the space by bringing back the happy moments of your life, such as listening to a piece of beautiful music, falling in love for the first time, walking on the beach, playing with your children, giving a gift to someone in need, or playing your favorite sport.

  • · Hold on to that bliss feeling by remembering and recreating.

  • · What you are doing is the meditation that uses mindful breath to activate joyful feelings in your heart. In other words, meditation is your creation of bliss through remembering and recreating in your sacred space within you silently and peacefully.

  • · Let the perfect moment of your life fill you without holding back or hesitation. We don’t have to achieve perfect lives, but we can cherish our perfect moments constantly by entering the sacred space within us.

  • · At this moment, you have entered your space.

  • · You can create different spaces within you through recreating and remembering.

  • · You are the master of all spaces created by you.

  • · You can also create a new space of your future within you by unlimited imagination.

  • · You can create a joint space with someone you want to be connected with beyond the physical realm.

  • · You can leave your inner space by repeating “body awake” three times.

  • · Move your fingers a few seconds before opening your eyes.

Entering your inner space to enjoy the bliss feelings is the best relaxation after a busy day or a challenging event in your present life. We can all learn to disconnect from the chaotic environment once in a while by being in the sacred space within us and recouping our unlimited energy and pure bliss.


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