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Heart-based Consciousness Is The Foundation Of Enlightenment

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

With the rise of new spiritual choices and possibilities, individuals can select more diversified or customized enlightening paths. For the past centuries, humans lived in the fixed sets of spiritual protocols and environments with limited opportunities to search for the truth about themselves and the universe. The old paradox of spiritual life is a life of community connection and social oneness, not about a life of unity between oneself and the universe.

​Today, deep thinkers and those wise individuals worldwide are evolving to reset a life with both the acceptance and respect of heart-based consciousness and unconditional love. Modern technologies, mainly social media and worldwide web platforms enforced the new era of spiritual development and personal awakening due to the extensive access to information and data over the last thirty years. The traditional religions and old-fashioned spiritual practices cannot satisfy people’s consciousness transformation and spiritual enlightenment.

​Nobody should lose a foothold on the spiritual path, even if they select different ways to achieve enlightenment. It is everyone’s birth right to choose a life tailored to personal interests and principles. Heart-based consciousness is based on universal laws and morals, not on rules of a specific religion or a cultural group. Severe suppression and sin-based punishment of those not following the exact religious paths are beyond human rights and freedoms. The good news is that searching inside oneself consciously for truth and spiritual transformation fits the individual needs without confronting the traditional religions and extreme spiritual paths. Human sins can be redeemed by heart-based consciousness and unconditional love from within.

​Control-based words, meanings, traditions, and principles cannot serve the needs of personal development and social unification anymore. Spiritual life is solely a personal choice to connect with the universe, not a business-like community protocol or morality virtue. The so-called imprisoned sinners or spiritual transgressors are trying hard to find liberation from accepting the religious rules or commands against their true wills and interests. Thanks to those pioneering spiritual seekers for their courage to fight repression and protect freedom.

​Young people depend on their parents, teachers, or family members for their spiritual paths without understanding the meanings of religious functions. Childhood ignorance becomes adulthood confusion. We are all lucky generations because the Internet gives us a remarkable set of resources and materials to absorb, think about, digest, and evaluate as alternatives and possibilities. The collective control-based unconscious path is no longer the saviour of our souls, and the individual heart-based consciousness shines the light.

​What is heart-based consciousness? It is an organic spiritual development state from daily experience with complete unconditional love and mindfulness without outside influence. Heart-based consciousness lets people make a personal choice to their spiritual path and enlightenment without the worries of being labelled evils, sinners, religious terrorists, or transgressors. It is not about the debate of right or wrong; it is about the freedom of choice. The heart-based spiritual seekers use their instincts and senses to reach enlightenment.

​The heart-based conscious life is one of continuous curiosity, wisdom, intelligence, awakening, and enlightenment. It is more than just the concept of peacefulness, happiness, love, and belief. It is related to every moment of life with a positive attitude, virtuous behaviour, grateful acceptance, and a forgiving perspective. It is time to open the conscious door of your heart to activate the heart-centered frequency to convey unconditional love energy to yourself and others naturally, freely, and spontaneously.


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