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How Can You Connect With Your Soulmate?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Many people talk about soulmates these days, especially ladies who always value their soulmates wholeheartedly. Yes, everyone has an opportunity to meet his or her soulmate; it is a matter of waiting for the right time and the right place. When someone makes you feel happy and dazzled all the time, as if you are dreaming, you have probably met a soulmate. Many people are mistakenly confused by calling the challenging relationship the soulmate connection; actually, the real soulmate will not make you feel intense, worried, scared, or nervous. Of course, any loving relationship, not necessarily the soulmate love, can still be the evolving force to guide you to grow in the right direction with a positive perspective about life and love.

Realistically, you will know immediately that you have found your soulmate even if this happens remotely because two connected souls can feel each other energetically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. If a person makes you think instant familiarity, gives you a comfortable feeling, makes you relaxed or even vulnerable, and encourages you to share your opinions, congratulations, you have met a soulmate. Finding the soulmate as your forever love is the most potent life journey of all because the mean-to-be soulmate can encourage you to be a better self with more compassion, empathy, kindness, gratefulness, and forgiveness. Soulmates also fight sometimes, but they will not give up on each other because they focus on their good traits, not on their weaknesses.

Most soulmates meet again and again in many lives until they achieve a real soul connection; growing each other for life purposes and soul evolution. You will never lose your soulmate because once connected, there is an eternal bond between you, even if you are not physically together. Humans are energy beings that change into different forms over various life journeys. Cherish all encounters in your life because all connections are universally programmed destinies. There are no deaths, only transformed energy beings with different frequencies. Please do not complain about the wrong time, the wrong mate, or the wrong connection because everyone in your life is a gift from the universe to present the different parts of you. Remember, there is no false soulmate, only the wrong action at the wrong time.

The soul travels from lifetime to lifetime and from body to body, with different wounds, various karmas, and beautiful memories. Usually, the soul connection is too entrancing to resist because of love experiences from past lives. Sometimes soulmates need to separate and give each other time and space to reflect and manifest for personal growth. Letting go is also a gift because taking a break from the torturous loop helps each other reach more potential in this life or beyond. When you feel the soulmate connection becomes intense, it is time to release each other from further damage.

It is normal to have more than one soulmate in this life because you could have met lost souls from your previous lifetimes. Be grateful if you have found your soulmate in this life because most people on earth end up with souls, not true soulmates. Soulmates fall in love with each other without thinking or considering all the human conditions because they found familiarity with the different past lives. Hold your soulmate's hands tight once you have each other and create an incredible journey together for this life with only joy and love.

Please try these tips to connect with your soulmates:

1. Take a few minutes, put your left hand on your heart, close your eyes, then think of your soulmate; you will experience an overwhelming warm feeling and unusual vibration to your heart.

2. If you experience expected sudden joy, peace, emotion, or goosebumps, probably your soulmate is thinking of you simultaneously with beautiful thoughts and feelings.

3. When your soulmate is missing you deeply, you will feel their touch, a warm hug from your loved ones even when you are alone, or you might also have a sudden cramp in your eyes, unusual multiple sneezes in a row, or random hiccups.

4. If someone keeps appearing in your dreams in pleasant ways, that means you have intimate feelings subconsciously about that person who might be your current soulmate or a potential future one.

5. You might hear your soulmate's voice of calmness and comfort in your ears when you are down, lost, nervous, anxious, or sad; that is the sign of your strong bond with your soul partner.

6. Another sign of having a soulmate is that you feel the urge to develop yourself to make your significant partner proud of you when you think of your soulmate, and you become courageous to stop all bad habits.


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