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How To Stop Sadness? (Part II)

Being sad is something that happens to all of us. Sometimes you feel too painful to breathe. I like to try different things when I feel sad.

1. Try a New Veggie Dish.

Trying to cook a new veggie dish allows me to go to the organic store to buy the needed ingredients. I can distract myself from the situation. Learning to cook a meal opened another world for me because I never knew a vegetarian could enjoy hundreds of delicious dishes with just plants. I bought several vegetarian cooking books and learned at least one new dish weekly.

2. Try Self-Compassion Meditation Before Sleep.

Every night, before going to bed, I will meditate with self-compassion. Regardless of the causes of the sad feelings, I can stop thinking about them immediately. Self-compassion mediation is powerful because it allows me to accept myself and the world without judgment and negativity. After meditation, I can sleep deeply to help my brain rest and heal. Many people have a problem falling asleep, especially when feeling sad. Try taking a warm bath with relaxing music, meditating with self-compassion, and sleeping naturally.

3. Walk Two Miles Daily.

Walking is the best way to stop the sadness. Walking along the beach or on the street will get a different perspective on your life, and you may have new thoughts about those things bothering you, such as what to do next to get you out of your sadness. You can think about what newly released movies you want to see in the theater with your friends tomorrow. Moving your body can relax your mind from sad ideas and negative emotions. Exercising at least thirty minutes daily can change your mood and attitude, including issues and challenges.

4. Be Social with Friends and Family.

Isolating yourself could make you feel more miserable. Getting together with friends, neighbors, and family members helps you forget about sad events or feelings, even forgetting a little about who you think you are and the struggles of life that have clung to you. You become grateful because you know you will not be in this much pain forever, and then you get the comfort of conversations and happy times with other people.

5. Try the Koran Spa.

My favorite spot in Los Angeles is the Korean Healing Spa. After spending 5-6 hours there with body scrub, body massage, and the hot stone healing, I became a new person, with a fresh start to welcome tomorrow. If you cannot access a Korean spa near you, try the hot tub or a heated pool, or soak your feet in hot water if possible. Hot water improves your blood circulation, which helps to calm your emotion and feeling. Water reminds us where we came from. Water brings peace and comfort from skin to heart.

Don’t let sadness eat you up because you will eventually see beauty emerge in your life. Don’t just wait for a miracle, do something now to make you feel warm and calm.

To Be Continued.


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