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Is Abundance For Everyone?

Updated: Aug 21, 2021

Many readers want me to write some blogs about wealth, abundance, money, and financial freedom. I will focus on these abundance-related topics for the next few weeks. I am grateful for your feedback and suggestions to make my blogs more meaningful and inspirational to your life.

What is abundance? Abundance is a mental concept rather than a tangible asset. Most people do not understand the meaning of abundance, although everyone wants to reach abundance. There are many types of abundance, and there are different ways to define and describe abundance. Today, I am delighted to share with you my views on abundance.

First, abundance is a delusion.

Some people have everything in life in this material-driven world, and some people struggle for basic living needs. People think of those who have it all as being the lucky ones and consider those who cannot make a basic living as poor people. The societies have been categorized into different classes due to the level of material abundance. Social mindsets have shifted from living a happy life to the need to get rich, famous, and influential. Many people forget to ask questions, such as "are rich people happy?" "does abundance bring satisfaction?" or "why do wealthy people commit suicide?" Abundance does not bring happiness, but happiness makes you feel abundant.

Second, abundance is the most crucial choice of life.

Some people think that getting rich is more important than being with loved ones. Many so-called rich people feel regret because they lose precious time with friends, family, and children. Everyone should define abundance in a way that aligns with the deeper consciousness. For some people, abundance means a big house, more money in the bank, a fancy job, a luxury car, or some other materialistic possession. For other people, abundance means unconditional love, social recognition, respect from peers, honor from friends, and a strong bond with family. Many rich people are very lonely because they do not trust anyone who is genuinely close to them. Some delightful people have few material assets, but they have earned love and reputation from their kindness and compassion. So, abundance is not about what you possess but how much you are honored and respected.

Third, abundance is a luck game.

It is impossible to have abundance if you do not believe you are lucky. Luck starts from having faith in yourself. We all know the law of attraction; yes, you must attract luck to your side by trusting your fate in the first place. Imagine the universe as a mirror reflecting what you believe, what you feel, what you offer, and what you get. It fits the cause and effect law too. Of course, the universal laws act on you beyond your physical and tangible efforts, in most cases, through your conscious drive and deeper intentions. Feeling lucky is a good start no matter what happens in your life because the luck game in life means being grateful for your present life. That includes the people around you, your loved ones, family, friends, and neighbors. So, abundance is not about luck but believing that your luck can achieve more than you imagine.

Fourth, abundance is a mental test.

If you are not content with your life due to a lack of abundance, you fail the biggest test of stamina. Feeling bad about yourself all the time is the most miserable thing you can do to yourself. You defeat yourself by denying your chance. Everything that happens to you during your life journey in this three-dimensional world is part of the life test to make you more aware, conscious, and enlightened. Abundance is more mental than physical in many ways; for example, do you believe in happiness as the core element of abundance? Would you be happy if you owned a big house but you have no friends at all? Instead of wanting more and more, please try to think positive about yourself first, enjoy whatever you currently have in your life, and do the best you can to make a living by taking the proper actions with positive thoughts.

Fifth, abundance is a spiritual gift from the universe.

Abundance is for everyone because it is from the universe. Spiritual abundance means you always know what you need, why you need it, not what you desire or what you wish for. Humans think abundance equals goods, money, and valuable materials. Material abundance is not the purpose of life; only spiritual abundance gives you the ultimate value of life. You will feel true abundance only when your mind, soul, and body reach alignment. A Hollywood actor with below-average looks and talents has become a successful star in the movie industry because he looks into the mirror every day and says to himself, "you are the best, and you can achieve anything in life." So, abundance is not about having it all but about the alignment of your heart and soul.

Sixth, abundance might not be a quality life.

We live in a so-called abundant world with more cheap food, cheap goods, cheap energy, cheap entertainment, and cheap lifestyles, and the cost of abundance is quality. Some people mistake abundance for poor quality, like low-quality relationships, polluted air, low-quality food, low-quality entertainment, and a damaged environment. Short-term profit or increased production does not provide sustainability for future generations. Materialized abundance takes away humans' consciousness about mother earth and the quality of life for all. The desire for more encourages irresponsible investment and uncontrolled exploitation without considering the consequences and potential damage to the natural resources, human virtues, mental health, broken relationships, out-of-control spending, and addictive lifestyles. So, absolute abundance is not about having more in life but about the quality of life.

Seventh, abundance is a paradigm shift.

When you feel abundant, you automatically shift your negative thoughts of not having enough to your positive feelings of contentment. Trying to have abundance reflects a deep fear of insufficiency. Abundance should never be a goal because you are abundant no matter what, as long as you cherish every present moment. Letting go of not having enough will eventually help you enjoy an extraordinary life because shifting your scarcity to sufficiency can lead to a natural state of abundance. So, abundance is a simple mental game within you.

Eighth, abundance is a life default.

In other words, true abundance comes from an abundant mindset and faith in yourself because abundance is the reality of all humans, not a privilege for certain people, just like your birthright. When you are yourself, not pretending to be what others want you to be, you are abundant. For example, you play a leading role in a movie; being excellent means being the person who plays a role in the film, not being the character you play in the movie. Sometimes, we lose our actual beings, get attached to our position in the movie, and even forget that our true selves come before the film and the part. So, abundance is always you, it is never found in movie roles.

Finally, abundance is always there.

Feeling insufficient pushes us to chase the next desire continuously. Wanting abundance causes you never to feel satisfied with what you have. Humans believe that doing more and asking for more gets you abundance, but forget that human beings always have everything, it is just that our fears and desires blind us. Abundance is related to self-esteem, self-confidence, self-acceptance, and self-achievement. You will realize that you have it all, the moment you delete the thought that you are not abundant. So, abundance is about finding yourself inside, not outside.


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