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Life Is A Journey, A Magnificent One

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Sometimes I feel delighted and fulfilled, and sometimes I feel down and disappointed. Friends and family are part of my life, but they will not be here all the time. It is a normal process of growing and developing. I must admit that I am getting older, I tend to do more and more, it’s almost non-stop, I suddenly feel I need to learn more and achieve more for this life.

I have a habit of feeling great every morning at the start of my day. I feel the passion with a burning desire to soak more knowledge and skills, explore more wonders, and discover many new fields. Here are my top 10 goals for the next chapter of my life:

1. I will read as much as I can both inside and outside class.

2. I will listen more often to relaxing music.

3. I will start to paint again after having taken a long break from this hobby.

4. I will continue my community service as much as I can.

5. I will join a yoga class for better health and more energy.

6. I will write more poems and stories.

7. I will enjoy life more from all aspects, not just from working.

8. I will meditate and manifest more to search inside myself for answers and consciousness.

9. I will be more present without any resentment from the past and try not to worry about the future.

10. I will learn to cook better and enjoy delicious meals.


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