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Love Yourself Through Dark Days

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

Love, love yourself through dark days,

While the storms intense tears in your eyes,

Trust, trust the source in your heart,

When the sunshine behind the clouds,

Search, search inside your consciousness,

Be calm in peace to hear inner voice.


Look, look through your awakened eyes,

While the sadness big suffers in your life,

Believe, believe the source by your side,

When the bitterness behind your smile,

Remember, remember the right moments,

Be faithful to your freedom and prayers. 


Be kind to yourself when things break down,

Learn to let go when tough times seem long,

Pray, pray all the time faithfully,

The source is in you with no doubt,

Pray, pray the light will shine on you,

Let the wisdom torch guide your way.


Touch, touch your heart, touch your soul,

While the dangers near the fears here,

See the world with mercy and love,

The real power is in you to forgive,

Find, find the paths to your destiny,

Never give up your hope and dream.

Feel, feel the love from the source,

When everything makes no sense,

Release yourself from guilt and anger,

Go deeper into your heart and soul,

Never hold the sad memories too tight,

Clear out all barriers in your way.


See, see the truth about you,

Be gentle to yourself no matter what,

Everything happens for a reason,

Dry the tears, allow the wounds to heal,

Live, live life to its satisfaction,

Love, love as much as you can.


Forgive, forgive those hurting you,

Fill, fill your heart with love and care,

Think, think wisely about your future,

Achieve, achieve nicely with success and joy,

Smile, smile when life is upside down,

Love, love yourself through the dark days.


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