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Reader's Feedback On Positive Thinking

I would like to share a few examples of positive thinking from several honorable readers. I encourage and invite more readers to participate in the discussions on various mindful topics.

Sally: Positive thinking is a very complex science that controls how we feel and see things. I calm myself with positive thoughts to pull myself away from the sadness and bitterness when I am depressed about something bad. Yes, it feels like I am lying to myself or being naïve, but I elevate myself from falling under the worst of the situation by having a more constructive mindset and optimism. I am much happier now after shifting from being a very hateful person to a relatively positive and confident professional. Real-life is a reflection of the choices we make for ourselves.

Tom: I used readily to dwell on nasty things without any hope of coming out of the inner darkness of this life. I do not believe that I can fix all my life challenges or problems, and I usually feel helpless even though it sometimes sounds stupid. I refused to trust that positivity could work in my life because I always thought that if a good thing did not happen, I would be more miserable. I trapped myself into a more and more negative thought cycle until I tried to jump off the apartment building one day. Luckily, my lovely neighbor called 911 and saved my life. I tried to look at my life differently after that dark spell. I have practiced positive thinking for the past few months by implementing positive tips in my life. Those things that I never believed I could do began to happen now. I am more confident due to my positive thinking. I finally feel hopeful about my future.

Lee: In my opinion, a positive attitude is one of the significant attributes of a highly effective and successful person. Positivity makes me more optimistic about my life and encourages me to take some calculated risks when the opportunity arises. I used to be down all the time without trusting my instincts. I complained a lot when things got terrible without looking at the situation from different angle. I finally realized that I abandoned myself to a defeatist mentality and to low self-esteem. After my attitude shifted, I understood what a joy life was supposed to be. Positiveness creates a happy environment around me. Yes, happiness is already inside me, and I have stopped trying to get attention from others.

Cathy: Everyone is born with inherent positivity because it is always in you without the need to give or take from others. Yes, it is not easy to be positive when the world goes in the wrong direction; it is impossible to spin the right way while people are suffering from pain and loss. Indeed, it is hard to remain hopeful when all the cards in your hand are weak. Life is quite fragile, no doubt. I found out that negative thinking and fear only pulls me down more. Changing my mindset from negativity to positivity saved me from giving up on my life over the past ten years. I practice consciously using an optimistic approach to my career, relationship, and social activities. I affirm myself every morning with the following words: "think positive and be optimistic."

Ling: I finally learned to say NO to people in my social circle, including my family members who like to pull me down all the time whether intentionally or unconsciously. "You should find a better job like your sister has," my father said to me many times. "No good girl will want to marry you if you don’t have a long-lasting career," my college buddy told me. "You are useless," my ex-girlfriend complained before leaving me for her supervisor. I take the negative comments from others personally with anger, sadness, and resentment. I feel much better since I stopped seeking recognition from others. It matters more how I see myself, not how others see me. I do not have the right to waste my precious time trying to convince others who do not have confidence in me. I have stayed away from negative people and associated with those with an optimistic mentality.

Joe: Positive thinking got me out of a dead-end when I was young. I went from one low pay job to another after high school, trying to make a living. I took on at least two jobs at the same time just to afford the simple things in life. I tried to kill myself once after being laughed at by my half-brother and two sisters. I gave them the power to see me as a total loser. A positive thinking book, "The Master Key System," changed my life last year. I used a positive attitude to find a new job in sales and marketing. My income went from less than $20,000 a year to over $50,000 now. My problem was that I did not believe in myself in the past. I am capable of doing anything as long as I do the best I can. I know now that my potential is unlimited to explore new challenges and embrace opportunities. I have registered for several classes at the local community college to gain new knowledge and skills. I am so sure that my future is going to be great.


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