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Ten Types Of Women That Men Want To Marry

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Men typically are attracted to beautiful women in the first instance such as perfect body shape, average height with long legs, smooth skin, physically fit with little fat, full lips, nice hair, well dressed, and smaller faces. After a few dates, men start looking for more profound attributes from their girls, like her heart and soul, her personality, and other essential womanly traits. Most men pay attention to women's external characteristics during the dating stage which can last from six months to a few years. Many men want their life partners to be trustworthy, independent, cheerful, reliable, and considerate as well as having beauty and charm. Men want good-looking women with good personalities to be their wives because marriage in the 21st century is generally based on passion and desire rather than financial or social status.

Professional men with higher education and successful careers are attracted to more passionate, romantic, caring, joyful, and loving women. Pretty women without a life purpose will only keep a man's interest for a short period. Above-average men do not like needy, bad-tempered, emotional, sensitive, or selfish women. Men do not marry women who are attractive only for their sexual endeavors. It is not easy to define the types of women that men want to marry because their preferences have multiple aspects, different angles, and various layers. To satisfy many readers’ requests, I have identified the top ten types of women fitting the labels of “good wives” or “perfect partners."

1. Beautiful women with financial independence.

Men want to be with sexy women, but they do not wish to marry them, especially the needy, impoverished, and lazy women who will depend on their men to live. Men want both beauty and freedom. Without securing their financial independence, women are not taken as wives after their sexual repertoire becomes routine. In today's realistic world, men cannot take the heavy burden and pressure of overly reliant women.

2. Intelligent women with humble personalities.

Smart men like intelligent and educated women who are interested in world affairs and future trends. Men enjoy chatting with their women about what’s going on in the world besides just the romance and loving discourse. Most men will not refuse an intelligent lady or soulmate who is also humble and respectable. More and more men are attracted to accomplished and visionary women today than ever before, but many men will be shy away from those who are too smart and domineering.

3. Sexually attractive women with grace.

Men feel more satisfied when their women show a desire for them by making the first sexual move sometimes. Sexually boring women can never keep their men for long. Men cannot resist women's "crazy," "wild," and "sexy" talk and actions in the bed. Men want to be praised and acknowledged for their sexual capability all the time. Knowing that he has sexually satisfied his woman makes a man feel unique and confident.

4. Humorous women with happiness.

Both men and women like their partners to be humorous. Nobody likes to have a boring partner; that is why happiness and humor are on the top of the list for lifetime soulmates. “My ex-wife is an unhappy person, and she does not appreciate my jokes," a male friend told me not long ago. Yes, humorous women enjoy life more because they feel happy and content without demanding as much from their men.

5. Trustworthy women with commitment.

Most men believe trustworthy women are more attractive than those with good looks or sexy bodies because very few men can take betrayal or cheating from their women. Men need to hear their women's compliments, appreciation, recognition, and total commitment after getting married. A man won’t choose a woman to be his partner if she is selfish, self-centered, arrogant, unstable, needy, or jealous.

6. Professional women with compassion.

In the 20th century, most men felt challenged by successful women. Today, an ambitious woman with a career goal and personal dream is more attractive to a confident man. Men feel more comfortable with successful women who are compassionate about others. Most men prefer their long-term partners to have a life purpose, persistence, enthusiastic energy, and a positive attitude.

7. Caring women with sweetness.

Men like caring girls because men often feel vulnerable and like to be around considerate and confident women, especially those self-assured ladies who can inspire them to be better. Women with cute personalities, caring hearts, gentle behavior, genuine kindness, positive views of the world, and sweetness can capture a man's attention quickly.

8. Loving women with passion.

A wise man wants to marry a woman who knows how to love with passion. A loving woman is not about her physical behavior but more about her emotional stability and maturity in the relationship. A loving woman understands the meaning of marriage by illustrating the traits of tolerance, passion, friendship, patience, understanding, sharing, communicating, forgiving, supporting, and mutual commitment.

9. Expressive women with reliability.

Men want their women to be social and expressive but not too playful with their mutual friends in social circles. Men feel awkward if their women often flirt with other guys because they prefer their women to show dependence and trustworthiness towards their relationship. Men sometimes have affairs after getting married, but they often require their women to be faithful and reliable. Most men need their ladies to be there for them particularly under the most challenging times. Men often worry that their wives would leave them if they cannot satisfy their needs.

10. Charming women with forgiveness.

Many men tend to be attracted to charming, lovely, naturally peaceful, and highly conscious women. Charming women are more forgiving to others without holding resentment for the past. They are more genuinely truthful to themselves without pretending, demanding, complaining, or criticizing. Women without a judgmental personality, being too quick to defend themselves, or having a mood-driven temper are more appealing to a man who is looking for a wife.


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