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What Do You Know About the Meaning of Death? (Part I)

Death is the most sensitive and scary word for humans on earth. In the past, when I considered talking about the topic of death, some friends discouraged me saying that death is a taboo subject. Recently, more and more readers have been asking me to discuss death and its extensive meanings. I believe that it is worthwhile discussing the true meaning of death because it can help loved ones to heal after their loss. As always, I invite my dear readers and contributors to share their views and understanding of death over the next few weeks.

Birth and death are the most valuable aspects of life because both initiate a different life journey. Birth is the beginning of our current life experience, and death is the start of the next phase of our life experience. Life without death is an incomplete cycle. Many people are afraid of talking about death because the experience is unknown and unknowable to most humans. Most of us only trust phenomena that have been proved by science, are theories that have been published or hypotheses that are supported by scholars and experts. So far, few academic discoveries about the phenomena of death have been announced or accepted. Occasionally, a few spiritual masters claim to know the details of death. Still, most people do not believe these descriptions unless they personally experience the event of death.

For most of us, the truth-finding time comes through opening our minds and exploring the practical reality of our authentic life experiences. Please maintain the peace of mind to read the blog about this subject without rejecting or making judgments, even if you do not believe the views or perspectives about death or mortality. I will share my findings about the meanings of death through the personal experience of deep meditation and multi-dimensional energy-body traveling. If you have different opinions or thoughts on the subject, that’s fine. Please feel free to share these feelings with the readers of this site and with me.

Death is not something that suddenly happens. Death indeed, is a change in the expression of life. A biologist will say death is the state when the metabolism of the body stops working; organs stop responding, and the body is unable to perform the basic life processes. A spiritual person will say that death is anytime a person forgets contact with his heart, family, or surroundings. An inspirational speaker may say that a person may be alive but not living because he is dead by spirit.

What is death? What is the meaning of death?

Death is not someone wielding a scythe who comes to take your life away. It’s not a threat of losing a life. It is not a violent or malicious event. It gives meaning to life, makes us believe in the importance of life, and motivates us to achieve something meaningful because, after all, what’s the point of being alive if we don’t try to do something remarkable? It will all end one day, and that keeps us going enough for us each to create a remark, before it all finishes.

Death is something we believe that approaches us every second, but in reality, we are running towards it, to death or to our end. Death leads to the destruction of each carefully planned moment, and we can do nothing but watch that destruction whilst seeing the beauty in it. Death is the last examination that everyone has to appear at, before the next stage of life begins. The final test is usually compulsory and comes with surprises. The saddest reality is that most people don't know the syllabus of life. Humans do not want to know the consequences of failing this final examination.

To Be Continued.


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