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What Do You Know About the Meaning of Death? (Part II)

Humans see proof of life during every second of the waking hour but doubt that life is ongoing after death because they have not seen any evidence of an afterlife. People refuse to talk about death because they believe it is a final and unknown event that faces all living entities. Death can happen to anyone at anytime without announcement or prior notification, whether you are rich or poor, big or small, young or old, or good or bad. Some people die in their sleep and never wake up in the morning. Realizing death without fear is the best healing power for a happy and relaxing life.

The truth is that birth and death are the two core steps in the human experience on earth: at birth, a human body, like a cloth, is putting on the eternal soul, and at death, the immortal soul takes off the human body (the cloth) for the next journey at a different frequency and vibrational state. In other words, birth equates to wearing new clothes on planet earth, and death is like taking off those clothes to leave the planet. It takes humans a lifetime to realize the truth about life and death. Most people live their whole lives worrying about death which prevents them from thoroughly enjoying life at all.

What does eternity mean to you? It is a state in which time has no existence, called timelessness. According to Buddha’s teachings, humans can see a world in a grain of sand and hold infinity in a hand’s palm. If you close your eyes and imagine having a grain of sand in your palm, you can feel the infinite reality of nothingness or non-existence. Yes, life is not controlled by the hand of time because time has no existence to the eternal being, although time is powerful on planet earth manipulating people’s uncontrolled fears and desires. Life is eternal is the universal reality even though no scientific evidence or proof has been published. We cannot deny the facts about death; even scholars on earth have not proved its eternal nature yet.

Most human beings today are trapped in the hole of possible luxury paradise that awaits them at death because they fail to prepare for the next step by waiting for someone to take them to heaven without fulfilling their tasks while alive. For those being present and taking action, death is just destruction for a better paradise in the future. In contrast, death is the fatal terminator of a future palace for those waiting for the final moments without performing their life assignments. No one can pass the final examination without studying hard along the way. It takes every second in a lifetime to make yourself ready for the new life journey at death. It is not too late to act now. Waiting for the last minute makes you destined to fail the final test.

Life is like a bucket of water that partially evaporates each second. Nobody can control the rate of evaporation and it will end sooner or later. To fully understand death’s meaning, you must first experience life to the fullest. People who hardly live to 100% will never understand life and death. “The thought of death frightens me all the time; I must depend on sleeping pills every night,” said a famous singer in Hong Kong in a TV interview. “I am satisfied with my life as a monk and am ready for the next life. Please do not cry because I will be with you all in a different energy form of higher frequency,” a well-known Buddhist monk in Taiwan told his students before his final moments.

Humans are frightened of death due to the expectation of imaginary pain. Death does not result in pain; pain is the inevitable cycle resulting from the fear of death. Everyone wants to live longer and avoid the possible pain of death because humans are projected into a frightening pain loop from their early childhood. People can enjoy a happy and healthy life more if they dissolve their fear of death or death-related pain. If death is an inevitable cycle, why don’t we focus on present moments and enjoy every second of our lives? We will feel more relaxed if you consider death as a sleep without dreams. Yes, death is just the absence of dreams.

To Be Continued.


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