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What Do You Know About the Meaning of Death? (Part III)

Death is a one-time event, and the closure of a door called life, from which you can't find the keys that would help you find your way back home. Some say you'll go to heaven or hell, and some even talk about reincarnation. Whatever it is, death is a tool to remind human beings how powerless they are. Life is like a video game; death comes when you see the words “Game Over” on the screen. There's no chance to return to the game once it is over. But you can start from the beginning again.

Death is when you feel so light and your energy body separates from your physical body. It is a moment when you might feel terrified. In this moment you will see your whole life in a flashback. It is a moment when you want to meet the people who are special to you and to tell them how much you love them. It is a moment when you think you could have achieved more in this life. It is when you feel powerless and regretful for not saying sorry to those you may have unintentionally hurt. It is when you use your senses for the last time, the moment next to when you want to live your life again differently with forgiveness and compassion before you reach the eternal height in just a blink of an eye! These final moments symbolize your life, miseries, happiness, people, things, feelings, precious memories of your childhood, adulthood, and everything you were connected to in this life.

I hope our discussions on this topic help readers eliminate any worries they have about death and to cherish our living moments to the fullest. Life needs not to be long but does need to be enjoyable with gratitude, an open heart, awareness, compassion, non-judgment, and forgiveness. Everyone who comes into your life helps you to realize the truth about the relationship between humanity and the universe. People in your life circle are actors or actresses playing different roles in the life movie that you write and direct. Do not judge whether they are good or bad because they play the parts in the film to meet your needs and follow your directions. Human beings’ ultimate purpose is to be consciously awakened and enlightened in this life. After all, there is no need to be stressed out by others. Our responsibility as living beings on earth is to stay centered without going too far left or too far right. No matter what happens, the true mission of an authentic life is to make yourself happy and content every day. Why do you waste your valuable time hating others or resenting yourself if death is inevitable?

Death is nothing but a fresh start on a new mission, either on planet earth or in a state of a different realm of frequencies. Death means the ending of life and the beginning of a new life with different vibrational frequencies. According to Buddha’s teachings, the physical body becomes cold, senseless, and heavy after breathing is stopped at death. Yes, it is not easy for humans to understand what I shared about the true meaning of death. That is why death has become a symbol of fear and a terrifying event for humankind. I used to be the same until I witnessed many souls leaving their physical bodies and starting their afterlife journeys during my deep meditation and soul traveling experiences. I often met my deceased parents in other realms during my multidimensional travels. Please do not think what I told you is my imagination. It is the absolute reality under the oath of my life.

It is natural for humans to smile with happiness at birth and cry with sadness at death. It takes an awakened human being to look at life and death with an open and bright perspective rather than focusing on narrow and negative angles. Please keep exploring the truth to find the ultimate universal reality for yourself if you want to live a happy life without regret, suffering, and resentment.

To Be Continued.


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