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What Do You Know About the Meaning of Death? (Part V)

Death is a window through which man overlooks a new world. The new world’s state depends on how to live in this world as a human being. Death is a bridge that takes an eternal soul away from misery, poverty, pain, suffering, wealth, attachment, power, and fame to the limitless paradise with lasting prosperity. Of course, death is the pathway to endless darkness for those evil beings who hurt or hate others without gratitude or compassion. For the glorious soul, who learned and evolved on planet earth, death is the ultimate way from prison to palace; And for the anxious and resented soul, who suffer from anger, hate, and acts of revenge, death is the transferring journey from a palace to a permanent prison of darkness within darkness.

The truth is that death is the dissolving process of physical forms and the beginning stage of new energy forms. Therefore, death is the ending of presence and the starting point of the new endless learning and awakening experiences in different forms. Most people have questions and doubts about life and death. Where would the soul go at death? Can God take me to heaven at death? What is the purpose of life? Is heaven or paradise absolute? Will I be punished for bad things after death? Who will be the one to judge my life on earth? Is GOD real? Is the devil real? Can suicide be forgiven after death?

The eternal soul at death travels to different realms depending on the behavior and experiences while alive. It has nothing to do with rich or poor, good-looking or ugly, educated or uneducated, famous or unknown, and influential or homeless. It solely depends on attitude, mindfulness, and behavior. There is no death, only pure light with unconditional love and glory or absolute darkness with endless pain and suffering. God is authentic in the realm with pure light and love. You can be at the palace or paradise with God if your life experience reaches the frequency of pure light and love. The ultimate life purpose is to experience all you can with pure gratitude, an open heart, mindfulness, compassion, acceptance, and hope. Don't be attached to the people you hate the most because they are the chosen souls to help you reach enlightenment. Do not waste this life journey on earth by being angry with your family members who love you in their own way because it might be your last chance to get the love and light frequency that God is.

Heaven is a symbolic metaphor describing God’s realm with pure love and light. Heaven is everything you can imagine, with endless glory and prosperity. The universe is like a supercomputer that automatically calculates all your behavior and intentions on earth at death. It takes shorter than 0.000001 seconds to evaluate your next realm based on your frequency. So, nobody will punish you in the end, but your experience on earth determines your next step to a new prison with darkness or a palace with light. In other words, the final judgment is done by your own choices and actions, total experiences from birth to death. You are your own judge at the end of this life.

Stop guessing whether God is real or not. God is pure love and light. God is everywhere. You can see God even when alive if you have God's pure love frequency. God is in you or me if we believe in God and follow God's guidance to live a life with gratitude, compassion, forgiveness, non-judgment, and hope. Do not blame God for not taking you to heaven because your behavior is far from God's realm frequency. Everyone can be in heaven with God eternally if we learn a lesson and evolve our eternal souls with pure light, unconditional love, forgiveness, acceptance, and compassion. We cannot wait for God to save us without acting with unconditional love and compassion. God can only save us if we choose to protect ourselves first by doing everything with mindfulness and compassion. Yes, the devil is natural if we are away from light and love because the devil is in our minds and souls without notification. God cannot forgive suicide because the suicidal soul allows the devil to control destiny by breaking God's will to let you learn and awaken on planet earth.

To Be Continued.


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