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What Does Success Mean to You? (Part V)

There are people worldwide whose primary goals are becoming rich and famous, such as those Wall Street bankers, equity executives, and fund managers. Yes, they have money and class, but money-driven types of people can end up being more miserable than ordinary people. They sacrifice dignity and honor to please everyone around them. They must listen to the world's noises without focusing on what is important to them. They lose the opportunity to be themselves and control or are controlled by their bank accounts. They must view the world with preconceived realistic notions without genuinely living a happy and relaxing life.

The successful people in the world must face uncertainties and challenges. It is not a catastrophe if some things do not go in the planned direction. Trying again and again without giving up is a valuable trait of a successful person. Failure and success are pairs by nature. Successful people like to share their failures publicly because they enjoy achieving their goals. "I do not remember how many times I have failed; I only need to be right once,” Tiger Woods said in a TV interview.

Surprisingly, many people don’t have good manners. Treating other people with a smile, politeness, respect, and acceptance pays dividends to success. Successful people know to treat others with respect. Can you recall losing track of several hours while absorbed in doing something? It is everyone's mission to find something unique that allows a person to experience that feeling as much as possible. The value of engagement surpasses the importance of money. It is time to look for the kind of work you can get completely lost.

Please refresh your memory now. Have you ever gone out of your way to help someone without asking for anything in return? That is a success. You cannot be successful until you find a proper way to offer others actual values. Every business is about the customer, not the business owner or founder. Innovation and creativity are about touching more hearts with good products and services, not making money. I am motivated and inspired to write more content when I receive a kind comment, a suggestion, or a personal note from readers. People can enjoy success more by helping and giving.

Successful people do not just go with the flow as most people do. They are courageous to be different or voice their opinions without worrying about other people's biases or disagreements. Successful people have the guts to stand up for their beliefs without trying to please others by constricting their thoughts. Successful people do not tolerate a boring life; they are always actively trying to reach their full potential. Successful people do not give up faith, value, and principles for short-term personal gains. Successful people do not make a judgment about themselves or others without reflecting internally first. Successful people cherish all memories, not the stock certificates or cash in their pockets.

Successful people live up to their standards without living to other people's recommended standards. Personal dreams should not conflict with social status or wealth. Successful people do what they like doing the most without wasting time on doing things they don’t want to do. If your dream is to be a world-class chef, cook as much as possible. If you dream of becoming a screenplay writer, then write freely. Be present and enjoy as much as you can. Money and status are great, but as I said before, they're usually byproducts of working towards something meaningful and doing it well.

To Be Continued.


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