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What Does Success Mean to You? (Part VI)

No place in our life can be considered an ultimate success. Success is event dependent. You can succeed at any event, but after winning a single competition, you cannot say you are successful. Being a successful person in life is an entirely different thing.

A successful person has a lot of unsuccessful attempts in their life. If you compare the ratio of the successful and unsuccessful attempts of a so-called successful person, you will find that most of the time his or her life was unsuccessful. Now count the same ratio for an average person. You will find a completely different scenario. Ordinary people cannot accept their failures. After becoming failures, again and again, people exponentially give up taking risks and attempting to do something right.

A successful life is not about how many tests you have passed; it's not about how good your grade is or how high your salary is. It's all about your creations. How many good things have you created for yourself and for others? After the 60 years of your life, if you look back to the past and are happy with what you have made, you are a successful person. These creations can be your research works, companies, industries, or anything else that is good for you or for other people.

If you maintain a good balance between your personal and professional life, that is also a success. If your spouse takes care of you and your family or vice versa, it's a success! If you are proud of your children and they also respect your decisions, then you are successful! If you have saved enough money for your old age such that your family members don't consider you a burden, then you are successful! If you have maintained a healthy lifestyle such that you are not worried about disease in your old age, then you are successful! If you are known as a healthy human being and have respect in society, then you are successful!

Success could mean moving up from sleeping on the street to sleeping in a beaten-up van. That's a nice upgrade considering your circumstances. I don't need to convince anyone that the founder of a billion-dollar empire is a business success. Success could mean calling your dad, who you haven't talked to in years, and mending the relationship. It could mean quitting the job that sucked away your soul, even though you don't know how to take your next steps. Success could mean holding onto hope after your business goes bankrupt and continuing to move forward as you go through personal and career failures. Success doesn't always look like success; sometimes it is deceptive.

Success is all about working hard and finally accomplishing it. If you want to succeed somewhere in life, work hard on it with your mind, body, heart, and soul. When you do something with your heart, honestly and definitely, you are bound to be its owner. You’re bound to have your wish sooner or later. If we have already decided what we are doing and will do, then you are on the right track. A successful life means getting less than greed and little more than need.

To Be Continued.


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