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What Does Success Mean to you? (Part X)

Sometimes we forget that successful people need something back occasionally, we are all only human, and a successful person is still just one person. We should try to be successful humanitarians, worrying less about our flaws and more about our ability to give to others and hence, in the process, become successful at making ourselves better people.

Teng’s View on Success

I consider my life successful if I can work in a career I love and grow personally and professionally. I am successful if I can raise my two beautiful daughters with my beloved husband to the best of our ability. I am successful if I can see my daughters grow up to be happy, responsible, kindhearted, and confident. I am successful if I can spend quality time with my family whilst also working full time.

Nelson’s View on Success

Thanks for the opportunity to share my success story. My girlfriend thinks success means earning money, becoming famous, and enjoying a luxurious life. I can’t entirely agree with her. To me, success is about accomplishing most of my goals and dreams within a given time, not necessarily being measured in terms of money, fame, and power. Happiness and satisfaction are the core elements of success that leads to a rewarding life.

Carl’s View on Success

I feel successful when I help others with money and with my time. I have a small café in my community. I donate at least 20% of my daily net earnings to the local library and food banks. I am satisfied with having enough to live a comfortable life with my wife and two dogs by working hard every day and helping the people in the neighborhood. I am happy helping others, but most of my friends think I should save more for my retirement and stop giving it away.

Mary’s View on Success

Success means adding value to other people’s lives by doing our jobs well and taking our responsibilities seriously. As a program developer, I take the time to write readable code, practical tests, and sensible comments. I do my best to save the next developer time and frustration trying to understand what the code I’ve written does. As a high school chef, my brother goes the extra mile to understand nutrition before he prepares well-balanced meals for the students and teachers. As a medical surgeon, my cousin firstly does a simulation of complicated surgical procedures and researches the medical literature to ensure the operation goes successfully. As a magazine editor, my sister proof-reads her work carefully for errors. As a local TV reporter, my neighbor ensures that his sources are accurate so he can deliver reliable information to the viewers in the community.

Li’s View on Success

The definition of success depends on an individual’s value system because human existence and your mental impression of the world are usually driven by factors that combine gene heritage and personal experience. We feel comfortable when we are synchronized with our unique value system, a structure that has evolved to include these considerations, but also when we feel secure enough to engage with our values in our personal and professional endeavors.

To Be Continued.


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