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What Does Success Mean to you? (Part XI)

A successful person remains content, grateful for what they have, and is kind, responsible, and calm regardless of the situation. A successful person is grounded and able to handle life. A successful person listens well, thinks well, always knows to treat people with respect. A successful person lives a well-meaning and careful life and knows how to balance it finding joy in just living. A successful person finds peace daily and gives love and attention willingly and freely. A successful person encourages but doesn't expect payback from anyone. A successful person is satisfied that they have enough: enough happiness, enough love, enough comfort, enough support, enough inner strength, enough passion, and enough peace.

Mason’s View on Success

The meaning of success is different for everyone. I am a father and a husband. My life's dream was to have a family of my own. My family is a million times better than the one I grew up in. My parents were impoverished. My dad wasn't around even though he lived in the same town. My mom was on welfare. We had to move house regularly because mum couldn’t pay the rent on time. I dreamed of having my own family, people I could love and ensure they never had to go through the struggles I had. Today, I have a beautiful family that I love with my heart and soul. I consider this is a successful life.

Paul’s View on Success

I define success as friendship and love. How many friends will you be able to keep if you became homeless tomorrow? Yes, they will let you crash on their couch for a few nights; but in months or years, unless they are super wealthy, your best friends will choose to take care of their family rather than you. As a married man, I have a 50/50 chance of ending up with nothing but a large divorce attorney bill. I will succeed if I have a few authentic friends who will be there unconditionally for me and if I can have a sustainable marriage.

Gloria’s View on Success

My mother taught me that money is essential to the world, and I live by her teachings. My parents started with absolutely nothing. She told me that people treat you like trash when you don't have money. She had to beg for credit from her suppliers when she started her first gift shop in a shopping mall. So yeah, I think money is a straightforward, objective and generally a valuable way to measure success as long as I do not cheat or break the law.

Eva’s View on Success

Success equals perfect alignment between dreams and reality. I am in alignment when I am living exactly the way I set out to live in that moment based on my own accepted standards.

Kim’s View on Success

A meaningful life involves morals, happiness, enlightenment, failures, success, ethics, and other virtues. Success is not just gained from accomplishments and from satisfaction. Being a good human is not a complex play but neglecting the negativity around you and keeping yourself optimistic is the actual task.

To Be Continued.


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