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What Does Success Mean to you? (Part XII)

Yuki’s View on Success

The meaning of success depends on an individual's life experience. I'm not particularly eager to use materialistic possession to measure my success because the desire for tangible values has no end for most people. It is easy to ignore inner satisfaction while focusing on gaining more material wealth, fame, and power. A successful life's true happiness and fulfillment come from giving more to the community and helping more people.

Elias’s View on Success

Success refers to personal accomplishment, satisfaction, and happiness. I am a professional screenwriter in Hollywood. I usually need strong motivation to be creative and satisfied because I'm not too fond of monotone. I like to set a life goal and chase it without complaining about short-term failures. I enjoy a life combining the challenges and meanings by continuous learning and growing professionally and personally. Thanks for letting me share my views.

Rose’s View on Success

A successful life is accomplished through LIVING IT in the moment. Enjoy learning and participating. Stop worrying about not being enough or missing out on something. Don't wrap your self-worth up in how you think others view you. Be authentic to yourself. Do what you like the most and be grateful for your blessings. Be kind and compassionate to others, and try to add value in all your interactions, even if it's just giving a smile, a kind word, or a patient ear.

Lucas’s View on Success

To me, being successful is accomplishing the goals you have defined for yourself. It's a general definition that can fit almost everything yet still has its limits. For example, some people would say that being a millionaire is being successful. But I wouldn't know you are successful in life if you got your millions from the lottery because you can't make that a life goal. I will feel successful when I am married to my current wife for 80 years and live to 125 with financial freedom and good health. I am a father, husband, and publisher; hopefully, I can still work, bike, and swim every day when I am 100. Until then, I will keep on working towards these goals.

Sandy’s View on Success

Everyone could have their version of a successful life. We were born to be different. We usually value and appreciate things differently due to our life experiences and educational background. My criteria for a successful life are the ability to provide yourself and your family with happiness and love. You are successful if you live a happy life with your friends and family. Personally, success is the sense of completeness. I will never let a day pass with regrets or without learning something. I live every day as though it is the last day of my life by doing everything to my maximum capacity.

To Be Continued.


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