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What Does Success Mean to you? (Part XIII)

Mateo’s View on Success

I think big numbers, significant awards, recognition, and fame are signs of success. However, I believe that is not as important as being yourself and making yourself happy. Not everyone can chase big numbers; not everyone is that gifted. So that's why I think success is personal, doing the best one can, doing what one can achieve. Once you reach your potential, there is no more distance to travel and no more peaks to ascend - you gained your maximum potential. Do not sit there waiting for miracles. Achieve your goals by aiming as high as you can.

Nova’s View on Success

I have a journal in which I write everything I want to do in my life. If I want to see a movie in the theater, I write it down; if I want to learn a skill, I write it down; if I want to dine in a new restaurant in the neighborhood, I write it down. I will mark it as completed on my to-do list. I feel so successful when I look back at the finished things. I often give myself a big hug when I achieve lots of objectives, from big to small every day. Yes, I am successful.

Rowan’s View on Success

I was trapped entirely on chasing money, feeling wanted, being well-respected, and making money when I started my business in my early 20s. I finally became a cafe owner in my late thirties. Yes, making money makes me happy. For almost fifteen years, I worked day and night without a vacation, leisure, time with family, or personal development. I felt fulfilled when I counted the money after closing every day. On my 50th birthday, it was the first time in my life that I felt empty in my heart for seemingly no apparent reason. I realized that money could not bring me continuous happiness. I tried my first meditation following a Youtube video a few days after the birthday party. Now, I participate in more community activities and try to impact more people by sharing my personal life experience. I have sponsored a teenager rehabilitation center to guide young people through confusing times. Today, I view success beyond money and fame because I feel more satisfied and fulfilled to see smiles on other people's faces.

Oliver’s View on Success

The success factor for yourself means being specific, strategic, and intentional in life experience. I cannot imagine the kind of life I could have lived without asking myself the questions constantly: What makes me happy? What do I need to be satisfied? I took a well-paid marketing job after finishing my undergraduate study at San Diego University. That job did not make me feel successful because my role was about collecting data online. I quit that job and accepted a lower-paid position, but I have learned a lot and helped more people as a sales trainer. I often sit down and take the time to specify what I did that was and was not worthwhile. Please keep asking questions of yourself if you are at a life crossroads, if you have no clear direction or answer. What do you care about in life? Do you believe in yourself? Have you reached all of your potential?

To Be Determined.


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