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What Does Success Mean to you? (Part XIV)

Liam’s View on Success

Showing your intention by writing down what you want in life is the first step to success. Crafting an action plan is the next step toward a successful life. Going with the flow spontaneously will never take you to a satisfying destination in your life. Happiness and success are not tied to material things. Be creative and open to exploring different ways to live a successful life with joy and love. Mapping life paths with step-by-step actions is essential to achieving your life goal. Many people fail to achieve good results because they think and talk more than they do, and they fail to act daily on something solid. Success takes a lifetime of experience; you cannot rush to a specific result overnight. It is better to breakdown your goals into actionable portions; try writing down five to seven items you want to achieve in a period such as six months or a year. It is crucial to balance your short-term, medium, and long-term goals. You can develop a habit of journaling your thoughts and experiences every day, it’s worth it even if it is just one or two sentences. I recommend learning from other successful people to see how they paved their career paths and life journeys. You can analyze their success patterns and apply the suitable ones to your own actions. What exactly those steps are and what your unique path looks like will differ. Along the way, look for a sense of achievement and fulfillment—those feelings usually mean you're on a journey of self-defined success.

Luna’s View on Success

Success doesn’t necessarily always mean the creation of wealth. I like to ask the following questions: How many people are better off because you lived? Do you often spend time with family? Do you know how to overcome your fear? Do you continue to learn new things every day? Do you know how to love and be loved? Are you happy and healthy? What do you want to become in the future? Our answers might change when we get older. For me, my success is to become the happiest person in the world by living a life of complete delight. I hope you do not lose joy for anything else. Fulfillment needs to be created by yourself because nobody can give you satisfaction.

Zyla's View on Success

I like this topic. For me, I believe that there is nothing called absolute success. Success is always relative. It is much like Einstein’s theory of relativity. I developed a formula for success since childhood from “what you get” and subtracting “what you expect.” If the result is negative, I am not successful. But, if the outcome is positive, then I am successful. Indeed, success is not eternal nor fixed. It is a continuous process and an experiencing journey. We taste success every day, and we might fail every day too. It’s alright. A success achieved one year ago may not bring cheer to us today. However, a failure that may be decades old may still be fresh in our memory.

To Be Continued.


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