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What Does Success Mean to You? (Part XV)

Living life on your own terms and conditions is the most challenging task in the modern world. Many live their entire life on the terms and conditions of other people. In their early years, the parents decide everything for them. From kindergarten to their mid-teens and onwards into majors and college choices, they live by their teachers’ decisions. In their homes, they sometimes live how their family members decide. In their offices, they perform in accordance with their bosses who determine their roles and tasks. In their retirement years, their children decide on their living environment. In their day-to-day life, they live by societal norms. Most people are unhappy in this world because they permanently live according to other people's wishes or the wishes of their community. They are frustrated because they never feel free throughout their lives. Can you call yourself prosperous and happy if you are always chained by either yourself or by others? I consider myself a successful person because I can live my life in the way I want.

Dona’s View on Success

Success means making a difference in this world regardless of what you do. Success has nothing to do with money; I declined promotions several times due to loyalty to my team members. I think I am always fairly generous; I spend more on others than on myself. My family had money in Cuba long before I landed in the United States of America. I started my career as a Spanish translator in Miami before opening my clothing store in the local mall. I design my clothes and produce them in Mexico. I am as happy as those with millions of dollars in their bank accounts.

Tian’s View on Success

I do not want to use concepts but want to share my views on SUCCESS from my experience coaching more than five thousand students for UPSC civil services and creating many grand and successful results in my career. Success refers to different things to different people because everyone has a unique life purpose on earth. It is easy to follow other people's definitions of success and follow their leads without creating a customized description of our success stories and meanings. It is essential to motivate yourself by knowing what is best for your life journey, not what other people's favorite choices are. It is common for humans to follow trends. It takes courage and a big heart to face challenges and live a life by overcoming all difficulties without giving up easily. For me, that is a success. Understandably, we are pressured to follow specific paths or socially accepted rules. What matters the most is whether I am happy or not. If I am not satisfied, the rules mean nothing to me.

Melina’s View on Success

Success in life is about achieving the personal goals that matter to you. Certain things will become necessary to you based on how your personality develops and the life experience you have been through since you were born. The big challenge many people face is that they are unaware of those critical things that matter to them, and they depend on others for guidance. Imagine your conscious mind needs something badly, and you are doing your best to get something different. Lack of alignment is why some people have money and are unhappy, and it is also the same reason why a poor person is unsatisfied.


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