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What Does Success Mean to You? (Part VIII)

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Joe’s View of Success

I would like to share some basic steps that can improve your chances of success in life, love, work, or whatever else is vital to you. Success refers to creating a life of your own wish and fulfilling it in the best way possible. Choose your career based on your own priorities and passions rather than just being a “sheep in the flock” because the latter will kill your dreams and upset the dreamer in you.

Billy’s View of Success

Stay with your parents during the latter stages of their lives. Our presence in their lives contributes significantly to our mutual happiness and wellbeing. We are not trees, we are not stationary, travel to uncommon places because of the feeling of satisfaction and completeness they give us. Talk to a stranger daily, build a bond with them because that person may save your life one day. Don’t get stuck with the same routine every day. Change your plans regularly and prioritize yourself.

Laurance’s View of Success

For me, the best measure of success is the freedom to do what you love. When you feel fulfilled, your happiness is no longer dependent on the approval of others. I take the following steps: I made a list of what I enjoy, I hone my skills, and I ask people from their perspective, what they think I am good at. And from that, I focus on my strengths and on my interests.

Ringling’s View of Success

I measure success by what I have gotten over as much as by what I have achieved. In the grand scheme of things, what we “get over” in life is maybe even more important than what we “achieve”. If a person makes a list of all the things they have “achieved” and then makes a list of all the things they have been able to “get over”, the first list, the list of the things “achieved” will be longer than the list of the things they have been able to “get over.” Because it's tough getting over hurdles, we have ingrained fears, habits, personality tendencies, attitudes, deep-rooted ways of thinking, and physical and mental addictions which get in the way. I am grateful for the things I have gotten over in my life.

Sunflower’s View of Success

A fear of needles prevented me from having immunizations, and from having regular blood tests and, after I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes, from buying a home blood sugar meter. Two years ago, I finally conquered my fear of needles and had the courage to use the blood glucose meter; it was a proud moment for me. It was a turning point in the progression of my ailment. I started doing regular blood sugar checks which helped me adjust my diet. I know I am successful because I am happy and healthy.

Tony’s View of Success

It is easy to see what makes an unsuccessful life: being unhappy, depression, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, anxiety, fear, violence, poverty, homelessness, lack of purpose, and loneliness. If we want a successful life, we need to turn those feelings around: happiness, contentment, self-esteem, self-control, generosity, calmness, kindness, and spending time doing what we enjoy.

To Be Continued.


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