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What Is Samadhi? (Part II)

Samadhi is a meditative state that the discursive thinking of the human mind stops completely. Effective Samadhi is a core element of the four noble truths and the eighth step of the Noble Eight-Fold Path of the Buddha’s teachings of awakening and enlightenment. Effective Samadhi or mindful awareness brings the ending of suffering and of personal trauma. Enlightenment does not happen overnight with little skill and practice; it takes a committed heart and soul to meditate a few times a day for the rest of your life. Yes, meditation is not complicated, but it does require total commitment and focus.

Everyone can cut off the roots of human suffering as long as one can wake up with mindfulness and sleep with the mind in a samadhi state. Samadhi can be described as a concentrated, focused, and relaxed state of mind in which we are free of thinking, judging, differentiating, denying, hating, and other causes of suffering. Samadhi is equivalent to Zen in Japan and Chan in Chinee. After daily meditative practice, you can get rooted in Zen, Chan, or Samadhi.

Awakening souls who have experienced the state of Samadhi enjoy Chopping Wood and Carrying Water because the greater wisdom and compassion comes from constantly opening your heart, living life simply, and creating no suffering. The beauty of the Samadhi state is about the lack of suffering and the complete connection to all living beings with love and with wisdom. Samadhi is not only ordinary and straightforward but also achievable and extraordinary. It simply requires letting go of thoughts and the freedom from suffering.

Samadhi is a way for people to achieve absolute happiness. Many people go on a long journey in their search for Samadhi because they do not have faith and confidence. They instead try hard with complicated procedures or mystic paths to feel worthy or valuable. It is our humanistic shortcoming to trust external saviors rather than internal awakening. If you can take a shorter and easier route to experience the state of Samadhi, why would you instead go on a long journey? If you can create and evolve a valuable human life through simple daily meditation, why would you want to attach human suffering without letting go?

Samadhi is about being present and living your daily life without resentment against the past nor anxiety towards the future. Mortal desires and materials help us be enlightened because the more we suffer now, the less we will suffer eternally. In other words, the more we experience life now, the more we understand permanent awakening and happiness forever. Samadhi is not for you to hide from the world we live in but to cherish every living moment to achieve enlightenment with the given situation.

Samadhi is not a fixed state of mind or consciousness. Everyone experiences Samadhi differently, with unique and un-comparable feelings. We should not hope one’s deep meditative state of consciousness matches that of another. Samadhi is changeable with one’s conscious frequency or mindful stillness. You will know if you have reached a deep meditative state or not. I cannot describe it to you because it might not be a good idea. If I tell you what I experience during the Samadhi state, you might form a psychological image or desire to achieve a goal. Holding a fixed image and creating the image in your mind is one of the most significant barriers to Samadhi or meditation. The best way to enjoy the free of suffering state is to work through naturally with no expectations.

I might offer some general ideas or terms about my first Samadhi experience for blog discussion, but I hope you will forget them immediately after reading this blog. I experienced my deep meditative state at Mount Shasta in October 2012 with a few soul brothers and sisters after finishing a small memorial ceremony for a dear friend, the angel artist Andy Lakey. It is hard to describe the state with exact words; I will try here for my lovely readers. Yes, deep peace with particular soothing sounds coming from all directions. Space opens up with no more boundaries. The heart opens up, feeling light and free. Mind and body become one, the same, with no difference anymore. Time vanishes. A sense of being OK, feeling safe and satisfied. Internal dialogue stops, thoughts are gone. Breath slows, almost stopped—no more difference between inside and outside. The body disappears, and the mind slips away. The universe is in you, and you are the universe.

To Be Continued.


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