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What Is Samadhi? (Part IX)

To understand Samadhi, you must understand the Source. The Source, all that is, and all there is, equals eternality, infinity, oneness, and nothingness. That is the truth or the ultimate reality of the universe. So, the Source is neither affirmable nor negatable, without essential nature. In other words, nothing has ever been created, manifested, or materialized in the universe. Everything on earth is just a collection of thoughts within the mind of the Source. Nothing exists, but everything manifests like a holographic image or a dream on the unlimited dreamscape of the infinite consciousness of the Source.

Samadhi's state is just a reflection or recognition that there are no time, space, physical forms, ethereal shapes, or spiritual realities. The experience of Samadhi helps you wake up from imaginary facts affirmed by quantum physics. Awakening of apparent eternal existence through Samadhi brings peace to humankind. Learning the actual reality about self and the universe through Samadhi might be a torturing process but knowing and experiencing the ultimate truth sets humans free from falling into permanent illusory perception.

Your physical body is not real, but it does exist.

Your material possessions are not real, but they do exist.

Your beautiful city is not real, but it does exist.

Our parents are not real, but they do exist.

Our memories are not real, but they do exist.

Romantic feelings and love are not real, but they do exist.

After all, nothing is real, but it does exist within You as the Source.

That is reality. That is the truth. That is the answer. That is the purpose of Samadhi. Within the awakening mind as the Source, everything is real and can be experienced and enjoyed in the purest state without suffering or torturing. Human beings can't understand or accept the simple truth and live within the ultimate reality. Most spiritual seekers forget the purpose of their coming to earth because they are trapped in an illusionary reality. Samadhi's goal is to experience the Source through nothingness, wholeness, oneness, nowhere, and everywhere.

Carla: I resonate with you, Susan. Samadhi is a state of consciousness experienced by the absolute silence of the mind in the form of nothingness. My personal experience proves that it is critical to enjoying complete silence first before the Samadhi experience. I have practiced meditation for at least ten years, but I still cannot reach the total silent state of Samadhi. I enjoyed the process even though I still could not make sense of nothingness or emptiness.

Pamela: I did not know I had been in Samadhi until afterward because the sounds, smells, visions, and magical perceptions become apparent after a noticeable absence. It is so dramatic to feel the absolute thought-free moment of silence even though it was a rapid experience, only a fraction of a second. I have no more regret after that moment. I often call it "a flash of enlightenment" or "a moment of a lifetime."

Ric: I lived in India for seven years in the 1980s. I have been teaching Samadhi and meditation for the past twenty years. I enjoy your blog and your deep insights about the topics you have shared with your readers. I had many direct personal awakening experiences in the gap between Samadhi and subjective perception. It is an essential knowingness, which is imperative to becoming established in the enlightened mind. It feels like a flood of perceptions without thought concepts.

Will: I did not know I was in Samadhi until later because there is no subjective observer, no thought, and no concept exists in this state. Samadhi experience lingers for hours or days afterward because my senses are different than regular days. I can feel overwhelming passion and energy or subtle loneliness or emptiness. Overall, I feel distinctly positive and hopeful.

Reed: A few years ago, I experienced the state of eternity, infinity, unity, and nothingness during a heart attack or a near-death experience. I was lying on the hospital bed for over twenty days without sense. I could not describe the feelings in words, but that total freedom helps me live a present life fully with happiness.

To Be Continued.


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