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What Is Samadhi? (Part VII)

Samadhi refers to the pure and complete trance state of the mind or the condition of total enlightenment and awakening. It is the realm of nothingness or wholeness. Samadhi is the closest pathway to the source-consciousness, which is eternal and infinite without limit nor boundary ruled by the universal law of unity or oneness. The Source realm is accessible while you abide in a state of consciousness known as Samadhi. Human concepts and definitions cannot explain the Samadhi state of consciousness when human minds are stuck in the pure awareness of supreme knowledge. There is no perceived experience in its highest Source state, only the Source itself. In this state of Samadhi consciousness, the individual mind is relinquished, and only the infinite consciousness remains. At the Samadhi state of consciousness, all experience, knowledge, and universal truth exist simultaneously.

There are personal thoughts and perspectives during the waking state of mind, while at the sleeping form of mind, there are dreams or lucid dreams. A moment without any thoughts or expectations, Samadhi is the non-experience state or the threshold between the waking and sleeping state of mind. Most people live under a veil of illusional imagination or incorrect assumption. Samadhi experience may dissolve any persistent delusion because you break veiled awareness within yourself. Yes, ego, thoughts, and delusions are the most significant barriers to experiencing Samadhi. Remember that you have the Source consciousness with infinite and eternal characteristics.

Samadhi is not a physical location. It is a conscious state where all beings, knowledge, and experience exist simultaneously. We cannot imagine the Samadhi state by analysing actual phenomena or mental awareness. Nothingness or non-existence does not mean you cannot experience scent, sight, sounds, feelings, or flavours. When you get to the Samadhi state, you will cherish everything about universal knowledge and experience more than ever before because every life, thought, and emotion means to exist.

Humans get used to the traditional concepts of time, space, and dimension because they do not know what they do not know. Samadhi experience helps to transform human awareness from the state of thoughts and deep desires to a conscious state or mindful state. After reaching that state, you cannot forget the Samadhi experience because it will be a permanent part of you. The way you perceive the world and yourself will be changed forever. Not until the mind becomes completely still can you transcend all concepts, thoughts, and emotions; all things which keep you bound to ignorance. When Samadhi happens, even just one time, you will leave the individual ego at the threshold of consciousness.

In the silent moment, you abide in the true nature of the Source, yourself, and all that exists. The Samadhi experience cannot be perceived the same at the Source state in most cases. The threshold between Samadhi and the individual state of consciousness is an opportunity for you to experience Samadhi. With repetition, this experience can be recognized and sustained. Through Samadhi experience, you can eliminate the afflictions of suffering caused by ignorance and abide in the authentic realization that you are eternal, infinite, and never separate from anything. In this state of infinite consciousness, you accept eternal bliss.

Even though there is no experience, you are simultaneously experiencing everything, nothing, and residing in the pure state of consciousness. As you leave this state of consciousness, the mind may grasp a slight remembrance of one of the aspects within this awareness, such as eternity, infinity, unity, impermanence, or emptiness. You may recognize that you are the one Source you have never left. Over time, you realize what is occurring even though it is impossible to describe. Samadhi is accompanied by pure awareness. There is perception without thought, concept, or discrimination as you observe the existence surrounding you, either with the eyes open or closed. Everything is seen as the Source. Everything is seen as pure emptiness. It is challenging to describe, but there is no difference between the trees, the path, the lake, the wind, the people, the buildings, the cars, etcetera. Some refer to it as pure energy or our essential nature. Samadhi is a pure observation that comprises the entire universe.

To Be Continued.


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