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What Is Samadhi? (Part X)

It is essential to contemplate the values of the Source everyday with purpose but without demanding specific experiences. The ultimate principal of the Source is unconditional love, the only one to keep your thoughts away from delusional perception or conditional awareness. After all, Samadhi reflects the value of the Source by activating your consciousness of the ultimate truth. Therefore, living a life of unconditional love is the only path to enlightenment, regardless of whether you have a Samadhi experience or not.

The essential step to living a life with the Source's unconditional love is self-discipline. In today's fast-paced, profit-driven, material world, we must face the contradiction between unconditional love and conditional human perception. It is difficult to stop our responsive behavior, psychological excuses, and self-centered desires. We must learn to use our mind to avoid delusions, even though we often use our mind to enhance illusions.

The best way to prevent delusional thought is to question yourself about your beliefs, concepts, feelings, judgments, and your faith regarding to pain, loss, separation, and limitation. Searching inside will make your releasing process smooth and sound without causing self-conflict or self-denial. You must activate your inner powers of courage, patience, and perseverance if you are determined to be awakened with an enlightened mind and unconditional love.

Samadhi is part of the awakening process, not the result. Your personal Samadhi experience reflects your level of infinite consciousness. Using constant recognition of your unconditional love, you will gradually perceive the ultimate truth of the Source. We cannot embrace our innate Source Power and Wisdom if we are attached to a contradictory perspective or belief with some other conditional understanding or by behaving judgmentally.

Most people suffer from anger, fear, resentment, hate, regret, jealousy, greed, or insecurity. It is time to awaken from your illusory state of consciousness in which you see yourself as being separate from the innate Source Wisdom or from everything around you. You can easily dissolve this delusion of separation, loss, and limitation by listening to your inner voice of blissful truth and living a life with unconditional love, gratitude, and compassion. Living a life with the Source principle might not solve all your daily problems. Still, it allows you to consciously use the challenge of common daily life to realize the ultimate truth of the universe.

It is critical that you accept the truth that there is no separation or limitation at all between you and the Source. Delusional separation is caused by ignorance, lack of continuity, and self-destruction. The antidote for your misperception of the Source Truth is to stop your mind's constant chatter that drags you to illusionary separation from it. Every morning, please remind yourself that the ultimate reality is that you are not separate from anything or anyone.

It is alright to occasionally feel pain or to suffer from loss or from feelings of limitation, but you need to free yourself from being caught in this illusion as soon as possible. Yes, it is not easy to arrest your self-deception or suffering, so please do not blame yourself for not instantly being able to. It takes time to stop negative thoughts or to recognize destructive behavior. You can take action today; stop justifying your faults, reacting negatively, blaming yourself harshly, or continually judging others.

Samadhi experience can help release your mistaken perspectives or views about the universe. The moment you feel emptiness and oneness simultaneously, you are instantly awakened. I would recommend you to ask yourself the following questions silently during your daily meditation without seeking the correct answers.

· Who am I?

· Why am I here in this life?

· Am I here on earth temporarily?

· Am I limited and separated?

· Where will I be in the afterlife?

· How do you live a life with unconditional love?

· Am I an eternal being?

· Is there an actual death?

· Why am I not happy?

· How do you forgive without resentment?

· How do I accept myself and others without judgment?

· How can I be grateful with understanding?

· How do you listen with an open heart?

To Be Continued.


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