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What Is Samadhi? (Part XI)

To know Samadhi does not mean experiencing it personally; it is the same for astronauts who have seen the earth with their naked eyes and astronomers and scientists describe planet earth in our solar system. When the astronauts first went beyond the earth to the moon and we sent probes out into our solar system, we had the opportunity to be observers looking back at planet earth with our eyes. According to many astronauts' stories, they experienced an extraordinary conscious shift in their existing knowing or knowledge about space, the earth, and the universe. The cognitive change among the astronauts was equivalent to the gnosis of self-awareness of spiritual seekers.

After experiencing the Samadhi state once, your life will not be the same anymore. Knowing the knowledge theoretically is the basis but witnessing it firsthand is a different matter. Samadhi experience is like the incredible witnessing of the minds and hearts of the astronauts seeing the earth hanging out there in space. We all remember the Apollo 8 era when mankind could see through the astronauts' cameras and see the earth floating amidst space. Most astronauts experienced profound self-awareness and mindful awakening. So, the Samadhi experience is not for magical joy but enlightenment.

There is no need to practice Samadhi as a spiritual activity; you need to meditate and relax your mind to let it happen naturally when the time is right. Your heart is larger than the whole universe once you are in the Samadhi state. We usually perceive the world surrounding us as being very small compared to the universe because of our limited mind capacity and shallow knowledge to perceive the world and the cosmos. Once you are in the Samadhi state, even if it is only for fraction of a second, you see the whole universe as a tiny dot inside your infinitely expansive heart. Instantly, you will feel an infinite bliss within; there are no human words that can describe it.

Please keep the following conscious affirmations in your mind if you want to experience Samadhi during your daily meditation.

· I am everything, just as the Source is. I am not different from the Source. I have faith in myself and in the Source. Everything is the Source, as I am.

· I am eternal because everything is endless. There is no death because nothing was ever being created or born.

· I am limitless because the Source has no limit. Nobody can limit me, nor anyone, nor anything.

· I am whole, without separation from anyone or anything. After all, everything is the same with unity and with wholeness.

· I am everything but also nothing because nothingness is the ultimate reality. Everything happens in the consciousness of the Source. I am not attached to anything because nothing is real.

· I judge nothing and nobody because there is no right or wrong in the mind of the Source. I am an observer and explorer without taking a stand one way or the other.

· I cannot define myself, nor others, nor anything because I am both everything and nothing. I am here to experience the non-essential nature by living a present life.

Please be consciously aware of the following illusionary words during your meditation. These human concepts could lure you into a delusionary state of mind.

· I, me, my, mine, ego, or self.

· Fix, change, save, protect, judge, fight, blame, hurt, destroy, attach, punish, or defend.

· Hate, revenge, resent, die, death, kill, end, lost, or gone.

· Limited, lack, scarcity, attached, finite, desires, wants, demands, needs, preferences, conditions, cannot, shouldn’t, don’t, won’t, prohibit, stop, forbidden, impossible, never, not allowed, needs, not permitted, denied, supposed to, ought to, required, mandatory, controlled, or conditional.

· Separation, different, eliminate, exclude, duality, me verses you, us verses them, or this verses that.

· Good verses bad, right verses wrong, evil verses saintliness, better verses worse, correct verses incorrect, or joy verses sadness.

· Fighting, attaching, demanding, arguing, disagreeing, or taking a stand of YES or NO.

To Be Continued.


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