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What Is Samadhi? (Part XII)

This blog is the final episode of the Samadhi topic. Thanks to those readers who have shared their thoughts and experiences about Samadhi. The most significant Samadhi experiences are the realizations of Oneness, Wholeness, Nothingness, Unity, Eternity, and Infinity. The fundamental purpose of the Samadhi experience is to remember the Source reality and wake up from any delusions that block you from achieving ultimate enlightenment.

Tera: I had one Samadhi-like experience last year during my meditation practice. I felt the absolute silence of the mind. I suddenly understood the state of nothingness, where personal awareness and biased perspectives have stopped completely. For me, a once-in-a-lifetime experience is good enough to change my life. I became more present and grateful after that short Samadhi experience because I finally accepted that I am an eternal being with infinite potential.

Donald: For me, the Samadhi experience is a transcendent shift from having faith in the Source to experiencing as the Source. I had several Samadhi experiences over the past twenty years. I used to question everything, including my family members, friends, peers, and myself. Today, I place trust in others without making biased assumptions and judgments.

Eric: Samadhi is the state of entering the Source Awareness or Consciousness through meditation practice. Three months ago, my first Samadhi experience dissolved my individuality and helped me feel the ONENESS during a meditation retreat in Ojai, California.

Qing: I attended a Samadhi retreat in India several years ago with my girlfriend. I tried many meditation skills and styles there but did not experience the emptiness. The master said that I was not relaxed enough. After dissolving my previous beliefs about life, religion, and GOD, I finally had an awakened state of emptiness the night before I left India. After that trip, I left my narrow mindset and entered into the universal perspective by being present to live my life. For me, happiness now is more important than being satisfied in the future.

Liu: I had a Samadhi experience in Peru a few years ago during my exploration journey. I felt unlimited bliss and unconditional love throughout my mind, body, and soul. All my past struggles of pain, and confusion went away instantly, and I moved beyond condition, desire, and resentment. There was a transcendent journey because I simultaneously experienced the state of infinity and eternity.

Alex: Samadhi is not the purpose of life. It is a process from ignorance to awareness. I use a universal mind and humble thought to live my daily life without judging myself or others. I never had a Samadhi experience, but I enjoy meditation, yoga, and spiritual retreat.

Lex: Indeed, the Source of all existence or being on this planet or beyond is not a thing, a subject, an object, a place, or something we can see with naked eyes. The Source is everything and nothing in nowhere or everywhere. It refers to perfect emptiness or stillness.

Raymond: I am not sure how to describe the Samadhi experience adequately. Having faith in oneself and surrendering the individual mind to a higher self is essential for conscious awakening.

Gary: For me, Samadhi refers to the state of unity, emptiness, and oneness. Experiencing Samadhi is like entering a no-space room or walking on a no-road path. Samadhi activated my wisdom of integration and blocked my struggle with separation.

Jerry: Samadhi has been misunderstood by humans for thousands of years. Samadhi has nothing to do with life or death. It refers to the highest intelligence and consciousness.

Dori: Samadhi is to withdraw oneself from sensory activities related to outer objects. My daily yoga exercise helps purify my mind, body, and soul. It took me five years to stabilize my body and mind during meditation and yoga practice.

Mil: I almost died in the summer of 2012 when I had a heart attack while playing golf in San Diego with my family. I felt free and scared when I saw myself lying in the hospital bed surrounded by doctors, nurses, my wife, and two daughters. I could feel the sensations of going back to my body. That experience has changed my views about the world and the universe.


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