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Why Is Self-Compassion Important to You? (Part III)

Community plays a significant role in practicing self-compassion. It helps to reduce feelings of shame or aloneness when others also suffer from similar issues or difficulties. Connecting with others can result in great healing and positive binding among people by sharing compassion and kindness. Please trust your inner world, which is the origin of self-compassion with the intention of wholehearted kindness towards ourselves, not as a path to manipulate our emotions to feel better in the moment, not as a method to stop pain or suffering. Self-compassion is beyond a self-healing tool; it is simple yet extraordinary wisdom for humans.

Please stop being hard on yourselves and be more self-compassionate. As a human being, it is your birth-right to be included in the circle of compassion and self-compassion. We live in harsh and challenging times and must seek personal well-being and unconditional goodwill toward ourselves. We, as much as anyone in the entire universe, need self-compassion. It is helpful to discuss self-compassion with friends and families. We often quickly forget the importance of self-compassion in our daily lives, mainly when others tell us that we are not good enough for who we are, not doing enough as humans, or not achieving expectations.

The first step in practicing self-compassion is to eliminate the negative mindset that might have originated from self-hatred or self-criticism. Search inside yourself to find the source of any self-hatred and dissolve that adverse feeling within you. Acknowledging the intention of being kind to yourself can release the self-hatred gradually. Be patient with yourself because self-compassion takes time for the habit to become natural. We are not used to being kind to ourselves, so it takes time to let your heart go from cold to warm concerning ourselves. It is helpful to practice self-compassionate meditation for between ten and twenty minutes every day before going to bed or after waking in the morning.

Besides your internal journey of self-discovery and self-compassion, it is also beneficial to help others in their practice of self-kindness as part of their self-healing process. If you feel stressed out or anxious right now, please try these following simple tips to feel better immediately:

1. Take a cold shower for 60 seconds to force yourself into discomfort. It will help you to build the needed discipline of self-kindness.

2. Meditate for ten minutes by sitting up straight, clear your mind of thoughts and feelings, just keep silent and understand your inner peace. Short meditation can discipline the emotions, clear your mind, center your body, and reconnect with your breath. Daily meditation helps you to dissolve mental clutter and see the truth about yourself.

3. Do 50 push-ups, or 100 jumps to rebalance your physical body. You can do this exercise before the cold shower.

4. Turn off all your electronic devices immediately.

5. Stop complaining and feel grateful for everything.

To Be Continued.

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