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7 Rules For A Mindful Life

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

I have summarized seven rules for a mindful life.

Rule #1: Be grateful all the time.

Feeling grateful is genuinely transformational to make a big difference in our life.

Rule #2: Be open-minded all the time.

Seeing the world with an open heart is the best way to explore the unknown and expand our experiences.

Rule #3: Be positive all the time.

Positive thinking is the pathway to a meaningful and mindful journey.

Rule #4: Be compassionate all the time.

Using kindness, empathy, and compassion to connect with others more deeply can bring joy and happiness to our life.

Rule #5: Be forgiving all the time.

Forgiveness is the real power of heartfulness, spiritual revolution, and self-realization.

Rule #6: Be non-judgmental all the time.

Stopping judgment is the beginning of a personal awakening and conscious evolution.

Rule #7: Be hopeful all the time.

Hope is the driving force to a far-reaching transformation.

Searching Inside is the Beginning of Awakening

I meditate every day as many times as possible to reflect internally in my heart and soul for self-awareness and to elevate my consciousness. I am convinced that the more I have going on inside, the more answers I may receive through inner voices. Of course, I have no objections to those who feel that searching inside is a waste of valuable time, even though I have found most answers about life and the universe from the inside, not the outside. I have met many business leaders and elites in different fields through my business consulting career, who believe they have known themselves very well, experiencing deep self-awareness and enlightenment. Unfortunately, most of these people never reached the intelligent level of self-awareness.

Enlightened and conscious self-awareness comes with a brave heart, which is needed to face life’s challenges, and a truthful mind to accept one’s shortcomings. Real consciousness requires a more in-depth understanding of the self and the world with an open-minded and non-judgmental mentality. Personality tests can only touch the tip of a person’s real mind and soul. Increasing self-awareness and self-consciousness is an essential and valuable journey for all because they help those wondering and confused souls find peace of mind.

I can always see the light when others feel only darkness.I see hope when others feel hopeless.Anyone can see the light and hope when he/she feels gratitude in his/her heart and soul.I enjoy living a mindful life with enlightenment and joy.


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