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Activate Your Heart-centered Love Energy For Healing & Harmony

Updated: Mar 8, 2021

It is relatively easy to find ordinary people in bliss and satisfaction, and it is even easier to see rich, famous, and influential people in depression, bitterness, and sadness. Instead, most people would put themselves into miserable prisons rather than liberate their power of freedom with heart-centered love energy. Today, we are living in a society of collective unconsciousness without social mindfulness and personal consciousness. Due to the lack of subjective conscious values, humans often rationalize enslaving others, including animals, children, and women, with self-induced inceptions and the collective unconscious mindset. Mainstream media and the Internet reinforce the senseless society and social unbalance.

Modern people easily become mad, angry, frustrated, or distant. It seems normal to hold grudge and resentment for a long time. These low-frequency negative feelings can contaminate people’s full potential to be happy and prosperous. Depressed people are trapped in their own falling patterns by focusing on unconscious thoughts, behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, and biases. It is time to assess the self-programmed protocols by activating the heart-centered love energy for self-healing and social harmony.

How do you activate your heart-centered love energy? Please consider these practical steps to get started. You can develop your styles to make the activation more efficient and smoother:

1. Develop your consciousness and stay away from the collective unconsciousness.

2. Be aware of those invisible and hooked programs hidden in your subconscious mind.

3. Have faith in yourself as an immortal soul. It is a fact even though there is no scientific proof yet.

4. Shift your behavior and attitude from negative feelings to joyous gratitude and forgiveness.

5. Search inside yourself for truths, not in literature, news, masters, gurus, or other forms of religious practices or ceremonies.

6. Understand the five authentic heart-centered virtues, including gratitude, courage, understanding, forgiveness, and hope.

7. Take enough time and effort to practice the five heart-centered virtues in the highest and best way possible.

8. Activate your heart-centered energy through implementing the five heart virtues to your daily life for spiritual transformation, physical healing, and social harmony.

If you are about to take the spiritual journey, please stay away from the large cities to avoid air pollution and traffic jams. You can contemplate the blue sky with white clouds in order to see the sky and stars clearly, just as the conscious choices could lead to truths, not delusions. The heart virtues are the foundation of activating your heart-centered love energy. I can assure you that the activated love energy will heal those hidden wounds and scars in your heart and soul and restore the peace and harmony between you and others.

After activating your heart-centered energy by applying the five heart virtues, you will no longer need the collective ceremonies, social recognition, master-based hierarchy, and status-based reward and punishment system. You are the master of your life, your spiritual path, and your destinations.


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