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Are You Still Grateful in 2021?

Updated: Nov 27, 2021

The 2021 Thanksgiving Day is here. After fighting Covid-19 related issues and challenges, are you still thankful for 2021? Who are you grateful to and why? We are living in a world full of sickness, pain, suffering, hardship, unrest, turmoil, regret, and resentment. Many people lose hope and the desire to be grateful, especially the younger generation; with very little understanding of gratitude. Virus, Vaccination, inflation, and unemployment become the new normal, and giving thanks seems disingenuous. Children in many developing countries die of hunger every day with or without the Covid-19 crisis. Despite the problems and challenges, being grateful is our only choice because we are blessed to bless, gifted to give, fortunate to offer, disciplined to honor, and grateful to choose. All humans need to give thanks with grace on this Thanksgiving holiday, no matter where you are from nor who you are.

Please challenge yourself today by taking some time off wherever you are and whatever you are doing to write down your gratitude list. It might not come out easily or naturally but do not give up, and you will be surprised that there is more to be thankful for than regrets or resentments. It is my great honor to share with you my personal 2021 thankful list below.

1. I am thankful for Creators, Source, and all that is for the pure conscious connections, downloaded information, clear guidance, and universal wisdom.

2. I am thankful for being healthy despite the Covid-19 pandemic danger and the unknown side effects of the Vaccination and the governmental mandate.

3. I am thankful for my readers of this blog site because their support and encouragement give me inspiration to continue my writing and sharing.

4. I am thankful for two low-budget movies that I invested in that were released this year on Amazon, Hulu, and Netflix. I will continue to explore the best way to produce more inspirational movies connecting different dimensions and adventures.

5. I am thankful for my consciousness and mindfulness community of coaches, explorers, and truth-seekers worldwide. They have placed their faith, confidence, and trust in me for a long time, and I vow to grow with them and never let them down.

6. I am thankful for living in a neighborhood full of kindness, compassion, support, friendship, and unconditional love and care.

7. I am thankful for the higher beings who helped me to create over 100 oil paintings. My core team members have utilized my painting images to develop fashionable products for people with conscious connections and mindful energy.

8. I am thankful for the beautiful music I listen to every day. Relaxing music inspires me to search inside myself for peace, stillness, and emptiness.

9. I am thankful for the books I have read and movies that I have watched this year, including eBooks, audiobooks, novels, theoretical films, and internet movies.

10. I am thankful for the life purpose and hope I have found it through my spiritual journeys, such as meditation, multidimensional travel, and lucid dreaming.

11. I am thankful for the love and care I have received over the whole year from friends, family, and loved ones, and especially my team members, associates, students, and clients.

12. I am thankful for having a relaxing home with its comfortable condition, beautiful ocean view, and safe environment.

13. I am thankful for sharing and giving during the Thanksgiving holiday to those in need. We are obligated to give back to the community for good causes.

14. I am thankful for having positive thoughts, a loving heart, and a conscious mind regardless of good times or challenges.

15. I am thankful for my creativity and unlimited imagination by exploring the universe and outer realm for truth and reality.

16. I am thankful for my vegetarian diet with consciousness and care of all living creatures, big or small.

17. I am thankful for enjoying all kinds of excellent teas from all over the world. I enjoy the best tea every day. Tea in itself, is an art.

18. I am thankful for having abundance in all aspects of life without the need to worry about food, safety, money, or happiness.

19. I am thankful for gaining more wisdom every day and for being able to understand things better.

20. I am thankful for learning from my mistakes.

21. I am thankful that more people are waking up to protect the human rights of democracy and freedom.


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