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Ten Mindful Attitudes To Be Successful

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

​Success is the most popular word in the dictionary because every human being wants to become successful regardless of race, color, national origin, social status, age, or gender. Everybody defines success differently according to his or her perspectives, goals, experiences, and personal interests. Success has different meanings to different people, such as more friends, more money, more love, more fame, more recognition, more wealth, better health, or more service to the community by helping more people.

​There are many inspirational speeches, coaching guides, books, audios, and even videos to help people achieve success and fulfill their personal goals. I like to share ten mindful attitudes that differentiate successful people from those failing their dreams.

1.Knowing how to face failures is the first step toward success.

Failure is the best gift to successful people because it is a reminder to adjust directions, correct mistakes, and avoid wrong activities. The lessons learned from failures are the most valuable assets to ultimate success.

2.Setting up a realistic goal is vital to success.

You need to know clearly what you want and where you want to be in five years, ten years, even twenty or thirty years. You can build the structure, system, and action plans after knowing your actual goal. Is your goal genuinely achievable? Is this goal something that would make you happy for sure? Many people fail to be successful because they start on some projects without finding real answers to the two questions.

3.Becoming an action taker, not a daydreamer, is the crucial element to success.

You need to take ownership, responsibility, and accountability to the goal without slight hesitation or withdraw even under challenging times. For example, an Olympian, who won the world championship, is not reaching the podium with the gold medal by chance; it results in non-stop practice, intense training, working tirelessly every day, and accepting various negative criticisms all the time.

4.Being a team player is important because success is never one person’s game.

A really successful person knows how to work with others for mutual goals. For example, an award-winning movie depends on many factors: good story, proper roles, competent director, professional casting, photographer, costumes, makeup, investors, producers, distribution, promotion, advertising, etc. Every member of the project needs to play a role seamlessly for the success of a movie.

5.Sharing success with your team is critical to your success.

It would be best to celebrate progress (big or small development) whenever you can to show appreciation for everyone’s effort and contribution to keep the team spirit. Rewarding those who make a difference to the team throughout the journey is vital to your success because you need a sustainable, committed, and happy team to be there with you in the journey to success.

6.Having the leadership traits to attract followers is necessary for success.

Intelligence, wisdom, passion, vision, and a big heart are the requisite leadership traits to attract followers for common goals. It is crucial to use your leadership skills to keep the team together towards a shared goal.

7.Leading by example is the most efficient style to earn trust and lead a team.

As a successful person, you need to walk the talk, not talk the walk. You must have confidence in the people working with you because they are the ones who are implementing the project plans and achieving the goals with you. You will lose the critical team players by saying one thing but doing something different.

8.Having a big heart, not arrogance, is the critical step to be a successful leader.

Some people only like to hear praise, not suggestions. Successful people are always open-minded with gratitude to feedback and criticism because nobody knows everything. It is impossible to build a winning team with arrogance and selfishness.

9.Committing consistently to the goal no matter what happens ensures success.

Successful people never give up their dream easily, even under challenges or short-term failures. There is no excuse to stop trying if you want to succeed. Your persistence can inspire the team to follow you until the day of success.

10.Communicating diligently with the team guarantees your success.

Making your mission, vision, objectives, products, and services heard is crucial to your success because nobody would enjoy the journey with you without knowing the direction and destination. Robust communication makes the team members feel respected and valued. Effective communication is also central to form a like-minded team working towards your success.


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