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The Power of Forgiveness (Part II)

It is the most challenging task to forgive those who do not apologize sincerely and refuse to ask for forgiveness when they do wrong. Forgiveness is not for the offenders but for your own well-being and happiness. The best way to avoid prolonging the self-harm from such an experience is to let go of the burden by releasing the pain that is dragging you down, swallowing you slowly and costing you your happiness. Why do you allow those who hurt you to live in your mind? Why don't you ultimately release the pain, anger, and resentment from your heart and from your mind and move yourself on by letting go of that hurt and betrayal?

For the benefit of your mental well-being, please do not waste time living with bitterness and hate.

Many people suffer from a traumatic past, their minds continually revisiting the circumstances that gave rise to the pain, never stepping off that sadness loop.

It is time to free yourself through the power of forgiveness if you resonate with one of the following situations:

· If you feel isolated from the world, questioning life’s purpose.

· If you feel you might never regain your peace of mind.

· If you feel continually mistreated by others.

· If you feel lonely and have no hope of ever finding true love.

· If you feel empty most of the time without seeing any meaning in life.

· If you feel depressed and anxious most of the time.

· If you feel pressured by yourself and the expectations of others.

· If you feel angry and bitter with your loved ones seemingly without reason.

· If you feel oppressed or undervalued by friends or peers.

· If you feel overwhelmed in coping with life’s challenges.

· If you feel resented by your parents, spouse, or children.

· If you feel sorry and full of regret or shame.

· If you feel unsafe and worried all the time.

· If you feel terrified of the past or the future often.

· If you feel you can’t trust anyone anymore.

· If you feel hopeless about the future.

· If you feel unsatisfied no matter what you do.

· If you feel you have low self-esteem or suffer from low confidence.

· If you feel cheated and betrayed by your friends.

· If you feel sad or anxious all the time.

· If you find it difficult to focus.

· If you cannot find things in your life to be grateful for anymore.

To Be Continued.


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