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The Power of Forgiveness (Part IV)

Most of the time, humans are innocent because they are unaware of their errors. Only enlightened people wake up to actual reality with a complete understanding of righteous behavior toward self and others. Life is a learning process from unawareness to truth realization. All mistakes become enforced resources for full enlightenment. Enlightened individuals do not repeat the same blunders because they do not want to feel regret later. Humans deserve to be forgiven for actions that might have hurt others at least once.

Here is an example of pretentious forgiveness: "I forgive you that thing you did in the past, but honestly, I don’t want to see you again because it would make me uncomfortable. Please understand my decision." Authentic forgiveness is as follows: "Don’t worry about that past issue anymore because I have forgiven you from my heart. Let's meet again next week to talk about the new project we will do together."

True forgiveness is from your consciousness because you do not want to return to bitterness as if it never happened. You can only appreciate joy and freedom when you have no negative thoughts about anything or anyone that bothered you in the past. Your forgiveness is confirmed when you have nothing but loving intention and unconditional love in your heart toward yourself and others.

True forgiveness occurs only when your unconditional love grows inside you so that it far outweighs any hatred that you hold. Your zenith of accessibility is achieved when the hatred completely disappears, so every thought and feeling arises from compassion, self-compassion, and unconditional love. Fundamental human nature is capable of loving and forgiving anyone and anything, even at the expense of personal freedom and happiness. The truth of forgiveness is not about whether others deserve it but your ability to do it by realizing your inner power and strength.

Many people think forgiveness correlates with the loss of dignity or self-honor. This is not the case. The greatest happiness and power dwells within forgiveness because it fills our hearts with satisfaction and loving energy. Forgiveness should come from your heart, not from your mind because the mind is full of egotism. The heart is the safest place to maintain compassion and humanity. Our thoughts instruct us to take revenge or to punish with instant judgment when we are irritated by something or someone. Staying calm is essential, listening to our hearts before rushing into revengeful action.

Forgiveness is about acknowledging that humans are not perfect. It is the right choice to let go of resentment or anger. Forgiving others means forgiving yourself; carrying resentment and bitterness in your heart harms your health physically and mentally. Forgiveness does not mean that nothing untoward happened. Most people are genuinely sorry for their out of character behavior.

You cannot repair relationships with others if you keep reminding them of their wrongdoing. It is all right to stay away from those with psychological issues to prevent them from hurting you again. The power of forgiveness is from forgiving without expectation or holding the residue of the past in your heart.

To be continued.

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