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The Way Of Thinking Influences Our Entire Life

Positive thinking alone cannot guarantee one to be wealthy, famous, and influential, but it will lead to a sense of purpose and right action and increases the chances of success. Positivity sets the workable tone of constructive motion and productive process. Positivity equals authentic optimism, which refers to inner joy originating from conscious thought and an optimistic attitude. A positive person's left brain, or the efficient hemisphere, holds more logical thought energy in conscious or subconscious styles. Conscious positivity has served as an internal drive to survive and evolve at all possibilities in life. Nothing can stop the conscious mind from feeling successful and achieving life's purpose.

A false optimism or a fake positivity represents the anxious desire driven by the right-brain thinking or fantasizing about excessive wealth, fame, love, and success. People with pure fantasy misunderstand the natural law of attraction and universal orders of cause and effect, which the affirmations are based on, made of, and believed in. In most cases, left-brain logic is more effective than right-brain anxiety in achieving an optimistic future without fantasy and happy life without emotional attachment. Positive thinking is a conscious process, while emotion is an unconscious delusion.

Positive people think of the world as a place where you achieve more by giving more. Positivity wins in the long run without focusing on the short-term gain. Please spend more time with positive people in your life or at the workplace and stay away from the negative coworkers or lazy friends as much as possible if you want to reach your goal sooner. Are you discouraged when you see the negative channels with all drama stories, controversies, scandals, and ugly gossips on YouTube with millions of views? No need to be sad or disappointed with current affairs or unpleasant realities. Would you please keep in mind that it is just short-term momentum? Positivity will prevail in the long run, and negativity will end eventually.

A popular YouTube channel named LeafyIsHere published thousands of toxic and harmful videos for several years to millions of fans and viewers for revenue. All of a sudden, the Channel stopped posting new videos without explanation or announcement. The people behind the Channel probably got sick of it, or maybe the creator of the Channel was fed up with the negativity reflected from the Channel despite the money the videos were generating. Nobody knows why, not even the loyal subscribers.

When you feel frustrated about something in your life, please ask yourself how to view the situation from a different perspective. The controversial YouTube channel with harmful content brainwashed many viewers and entertained thousands of younger audiences with similar attitudes and vibes. Positivity is a choice, not a math equation. We cannot ask others to think the same way, but we can spend our valuable time with positive people. Value comes in all forms and shapes, associating with people in similar thinking patterns and conscious energy.

Most people spread negativity by instinct, not by intention. Negative people are not evil, but they are losing conscious judgment about what is on their minds. It is better to steer your attention towards naturally positive people than trying to change other people. Never try to change others unless they want to make the change. Positivity attracts more positive minds, and negativity attaches sad souls. Positivity opens up your vision, broadens your ideas, finds more solutions, solves more problems, makes more wise decisions, and achieves more positive results. Negativity narrows your views, presses your mental horizon, leads to mental stagnation, and lessons your creativity.

The way of thinking influences our entire life. Positive people have more wisdom and energy to reach their life goals. They set higher objectives to live a fruitful life without any regret or resentment. Positivity boosts self-esteem and motivates people to act on their dreams now, not wait for the future. Would you please try the following tips to nurture your positive thinking habits?

1.Stop being angry or outrageous in response to a situation that does not align with your beliefs and wishes. Learn to move on with the difficult situation, not getting drawn into the negative and mental drama.

2.Practice daily gratitude to yourself, others, and the universe, reflecting on what you are grateful for every morning after waking up. Pay attention to situations that bring you joy during the day.

3.Forgive everyone you can think of to put down the sacks of rocks on your back and move on freely and happily.

4.Learn to agree with others without argument. Humans can experience pain to learn and grow, but suffering is optional, not inevitable. Sorrow typically results from arguing with what is or what is not. It is better to accept reality than clash with it.

5.Understand the importance of positive thinking to create real value in your life, manage mental stress, improve physical health, and cope with social change.

6.Manifest or meditate at least twenty minutes every day to enhance your positive thinking with more confidence and hope.

7.Listen to relaxing music a few times a day to make yourself calm and peaceful.

8.Smile to yourself and others whenever you can to hold up positivity.

9.Follow your passion for doing something fun and exciting.

10. Respect others as you want to be respected.


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