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Tips to Deal with Covid-19 Anxiety

Covid-19 has caused some degree of fear, worry, and concern in the population at large worldwide, especially among senior citizens, medical care providers, and people with health issues. Many readers sent me messages about their anxious feelings and worries. “What if I get Covid-19?” “What if my father does not recover from the virus?” “What if the booster kills me?” “Should I quit my job?” “Is it safe to dine in restaurants now?” “Why did I forget my mask at the Supermarket?” “I should have known better and stayed away from the crowd.” “I might lose my job due to the Covid-19.” “I might be fired since I had a positive Covid -19 test.” “I am nervous because two of my neighbors tested positive.” “My panic attacks and depression got worse since Covid-19.” “I worry about getting infected every day.”

Many people face Covid-19 anxiety issues that can be overwhelming, stressful, and depressing. Covid-19 has changed how we live in many ways. Until today, new cases are still rising after more than half of the world population has been vaccinated. Covid-19 mandates and regulations challenge people’s daily lifestyles and habits. It is perfectly alright to feel anxious about Covid-19. You are not alone because the whole world faces the same challenge. Although I cannot offer you professional advice or treatment for fighting Covid-19 anxieties, I can offer some tips to help you feel better when feeling anxious and scared about Covid-19. Please try these practical tips to cope with Covid -19 related anxiety, stress, worry, and concern.

1. Communicate with your friends, family members, or professionals about your worries, concerns, and feelings about Covid-19. Stay connected with loved ones virtually by phone, text, or social media.

2. Stop watching, reading, and listening to the negative news and reports about Covid-19. Do not participate in the social media discussions and debates about the origin of Covid-19 and vaccination side effects.

3. Reflect on how you are feeling and doing during the Covid-19 lockdown or social distancing. Allow yourself to feel anxious or worried since it is normal to have these emotional feelings with lots of uncertainty around society and our lives.

4. Have a positive mindset by telling yourself that everything will be ok if you feel tired, exhausted, scared, or anxious about Covid-19.

5. Improve your sleep and waking cycle by keeping to a consistent schedule. Having enough sleep can help recoup your physical energy and balance your positive emotions.

6. Manage your schedule effectively between professional and personal life by ignoring the Covid-19-related uncertainty and stopping anxious anticipation you have about the future.

7. Ensure a healthy eating habit with enough vitamin C, D, Zinc, and nutrition to improve immunity. Stay active even during lockdown by trying various indoor exercises for at least 45 minutes a day.

8. Stay motivated and productive while working from home. Create a home workstation to help you restore your achievement levels and productivity to remain balanced in your life.

9. Meditate for at least 30 minutes with relaxing music every day to consciously know your life purpose and positive thoughts.

10. Be grateful to yourself and others no matter what happens. Observe your thoughts with love and acceptance. Have faith in yourself to be strong, brave, and resilient. You have everything you need within you to deal with anything that stands in your way, including Covid-19 anxiety.


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