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Women’s Wish List: Nine Traits Of Men

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

Most women have fantasies about their dream princes. Women's initial attraction to men is superficial qualities like handsome looks, muscular bodies, talkative personalities, and sexually aggressive moves. Many divorced women regret focusing on men for their external attractiveness rather than their character. In today's online dating world, finding a date is fairly easy, but for women, securing a true soulmate is more challenging. Women are likely to end up with the wrong men in their lives because they are too emotional in choosing their love partner. Many successful businesswomen told me that they paid more attention to their partners' financial and family status before marriage and had ignored their men's traits and inner values.

Many relationship experts offer different suggestions to women in finding their soulmates. I have identified nine significant characteristics women want from their men before making a long-lasting commitment.

1. Honesty with integrity

Most men tell a few lies to attract a women's attention. It works initially to secure a date, but eventually, women feel cheated after finding out the truth. Looking for honest men with integrity is vital for women to build a stable and strong relationship. Never neglect a man's core values of fairness, morals, ethics, and honesty.

2. Confidence with self-esteem

Many confident men are also arrogant with too much pride. It is essential to balance confidence and arrogance. Women need men with high self-esteem but not the ones with selfishness and egomania. Women are attracted to men who believe in themselves with self-assured personalities but not the ones that are overbearing or self-obsessing.

3. Compassion with trustworthiness

Women can instantly fall in love with men who are trustworthy and empathetic. Most women want to be with compassionate men, especially when women feel sad, weak, or vulnerable. Benevolent men understand other people's ways of thinking without making judgments. Women feel more secure with trustworthy and sympathetic men to share good or bad times.

4. Respect with honor

All women want to have a loving relationship with mutual respect although some women never experience true respect from their mates. Unhappy women complain about being ignored, poorly treated, taken for granted, and tortured mentally by their men. A disrespectful relationship will eventually end. Women should look for men who know how to respect their friends, family members, and other people with honor.

5. Emotional stability with openness

Many emotionally unstable men are moody and unpredictable, especially when they face job or money-related challenges. Women should stay away from these men to avoid emotional trauma or other relationship crises. Wise and conscious women search for emotionally stable men who openly express their feelings or issues with their women. Rational and reliable men know how to shift from hard times to learning and growing opportunities without withdrawing from their loved ones.

6. Responsibility with maturity

In general, women are more mature than men because, from birth, women nurture by nature. Sadly, immature men never enjoy long-term loving relationships because they quickly destroy trust and faith with their bad temper and out-of-control anger. Mature men are more responsive to their behavior by allowing themselves to be vulnerable and weak occasionally. Men need to have the strength to face reality and to put their trust in their partners.

7. Gratitude with compliments

Most women are not happy because their mate is not grateful for the women’s contribution to the relationship. "My husband never said thanks to me since we got married 20 years ago," a female friend told me after signing the divorce paper. "My boyfriend had no compliments to make on my outstanding achievements for the past three years," a very famous female professor complained after breaking up with her man. It is a common social phenomenon that many men hesitate to praise women's talents or pearls of wisdom. Sincere compliments and gratitude can go a long way to make a woman happy and satisfied.

8. Loyalty with commitment

Most women get divorced because their men cheat behind their backs. Once a man has cheated, he will cheat again. A woman should run as fast as possible if she suspects her man is not fully committed to the relationship. Loyalty is the core magic power that makes a relationship work. Never lower your standard of faith, dedication, or commitment. Wise women should not hesitate to say NO to unfaithful men who are shopping around for the best catch all the time.

9. Romance with true love

Women are helpless towards romantic men who know how to express themselves in very tempting and attractive ways. A short love note, a flower, a small gift, a thoughtful poem, or a surprise trip occasionally, can capture a woman's heart and soul fast. Most married women end up complaining because their men are no longer romantic or loving towards them.


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